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The 8th Annual Kentucky Pony Car Round-Up flourished last Saturday despite the day-long threat of rain – the great enemy of car shows.  This annual gathering of sporty automobiles, hosted by the Frankfort Mustangs Club, was held at Juniper Hills Park on Louisville Road.  The City of Frankfort’s Department of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Sites always sponsors the event.  Tom Fugate, president of the Mustangs Club, said that eighty-six cars were registered and received commemorative plaques, but he believed around 100 cars to have actually participated.  This is an only slightly smaller turn-out than expected in perfect weather.

The ominous weather conditions did keep most of the older cars at home in their garages.  Nevertheless, Mustangs from 1965 to the 2014 model year were present.  There was a sampling of Camaros, Challengers, and other makes.  A relatively rare AMC Javelin put in an appearance too.

As usual, participants came from all across central Kentucky and bordering states.  This year, the Bluegrass Mustang Club – based in Lexington – won the trophy for largest car club representation.  This broke the streak held since the first Round-Up by the Falls City Mustang Club, many of the members of which are from southern Indiana.  The award for longest distance travelled to the show went to Melinda Chaffin of Culloden, West Virginia.

The President’s Choice Award, given to an outstanding automobile selected by the president of the Frankfort Mustangs Club, went to Josh Demarcus and his 2003 Mustang Cobra.  Mr. Demarcus has made upgrading the car a very serious hobby since his return from military active duty in Afghanistan.  The Sponsor’s Award, presented by the co-director of the Frankfort Department of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Sites, went to Edwin Wilson and his 2010 Mustang GT.   The car’s “IM BLUE” vanity license plate spoke volumes about the striking appearance of this lovingly enhanced machine.

The 9th Annual Kentucky Pony-Car Round-Up will take place on the last Saturday of April, 2014 – again at Juniper Hill Park.  Admirers of this class of autos do not have to wait until then to see lots of Mustangs.  They should watch for a cruise by scores of Mustangs from Keeneland Racetrack in Lexington to Frankfort and back as a lead-in to the Keeneland Concourse de Elegance car show on this July 19.