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If you are a regular follower of Capital Living or have seen me out and about during an event, you know that many of the events I cover I have my own 11-year-old daughter at.  This past weekend’s Gathering of Authors held at the Paul Sawyier Public Library here in Frankfort is no exception.  As a typical tween, my girl brought her tablet into the library with the sole purpose of ditching her mom to sponge off the free WiFi at the library.  I encouraged her to accompany me to the Gathering of Authors shoot.  TWO HOURS LATER, I was allowed to leave!  Over two dozen authors and publishers came together at the Paul Sawyier Public Library on Saturday, August 24th.  And my eleven year old had to meet them all!  These authors were a talented group of writers from Kentucky or have written everything from magazines to books about or taking place in Kentucky.  Some, such as Steve Vest, Charles Bogart, Jerry Deaton, Russ Hatter and Richard Taylor, are local talents that you may know already know.  And although you may not recognize the names of some of the others, that does not mean that they are less credible and did not deserve a visit, as my daughter found out.  Whether it be the quirky Steve Demaree, a Lexingtonian who has written 17 books which mostly use that city as a backdrop, or Jan Watson with her series of books that take you back in time and into Eastern Kentucky, the Sixth Annual Gathering of Authors was a serious pool of literary talent that kept even an eleven year old entranced.  I think every child would benefit from speaking to an author.  It fuels the desire to read and learn.  And knowledge is power!

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