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As if there wasn’t enough going on in Frankfort and Franklin County this weekend, our wonderful neighbors in Anderson County held their 20th Annual Burgoo Festival in downtown Lawrenceburg.  Three days of music, food, family and fun in the heart of a Kentucky small town.  Featuring a Burgoo cook-off, typically known as a Kentucky dish.  Wikipedia defines burgoo as “traditional burgoo was made using whatever meats and vegetables were available—typically, venison, squirrel, opossum, raccoon or game birds,” and was often associated with autumn and the harvest season. Today, local Kentucky barbecue restaurants use a specific meat in their recipes, usually pork, chicken, or mutton, which, along with the spices used, creates a distinct flavor unique to each restaurant”.  It reminds me of a New Orleans style gumbo….Kentucky style!  This is an awesome family friendly event and reminds me of many of the events I cover in Frankfort.  Enjoy the photos!!!