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It’s a cool Spring evening in Frankfort.  You live downtown and like to walk.  But you want to feel safe while you do it.  A year ago, you would have avoided Bridge Street in South Frankfort like the plague.  Bridge Street, which has been described as an eyesore to the area for nearly 20 years, is now a vibrant art and retail community.  It’s easy to be impressed with the colors of the new shops and galleries as you drive by them during the day.  But take the time to walk it at nighttime and you have a new appreciation of the work that has been put into revitalizing that street.  No longer is it a dark scary place to avoid walking.  The store fronts glow at night and are very inviting.  It causes one to take pause and look into the shop windows.

For years, Rick’s White Light looked at these darkened and decaying buildings.  With the love and the vision of people like Eric Northcutt, Mary Palumbo, Rhonda Gauthier, Sammy Coulter, Jennifer Zingg, Michele Daigle and Bill Leroy, this “dark and scary street” is no more!  These people saw something in this street and in Frankfort to believe that it cold be transformed.  Enjoy a stroll down the Historic Bridge Street District night or day and you will see what I mean!

During the time that it took for me to photograph these images, Rhonda and Sammy welcomed two Frankfort residents into the gallery – at 9:45 PM!!!  Since they live above the gallery, they happened to be in there working.  Rhonda cheerfully invited a couple in and gave them a tour of the gallery.  They do this often.  The residents were in awe of the changes that have been made on the street and the role they have played.  Take a walk downtown on Bridge Street and you will be too!