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You’ve read the stories on Capital Living – eldercare residents from Frankfort’s Ashwood Place realizing their dreams or reliving their past.  And all of the twenty-five dreams that have been fulfilled through their Second Wind Dreams program is thanks to the Chief “Dreamweaver”, Cathy Moore.  Recently, Cathy was nominated for the Eagle Rare Life Award, a national program where Sazarac’s own, Eagle Rare Bourbon brand, is awarding one winner $50,000 to the charity of their choice.  That type of award could grant every resident at Ashwood place their dream and then some.  And don’t our eldercare deserve to have their dreams realized?

Then click HERE and vote for Cathy Moore, Executive Director at Ashwood Place and Chief “Dreamweaver” of their Second Wind Dreams program.  Read about some of the dreams and how Cathy helps make them a reality.   You can vote once a day.  And spread the word!  Family.  Friends.  Coworkers.  Neighbors.  Twitter.  Facebook.  Google Plus.  Email.

Thanks for supporting Frankfort’s own, Second Wind Dreams at Ashwood Place!!!

Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Cathy Moore

Date Added

June 23rd, 2014


Second Wind Dreams at Ashwood Place





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“The “Dreamweaver” responsible for fullfilling twenty-five never before realized dreams of eldercare residents in Frankfort, Kentucky”

Cathy Moore runs a Five Star independent living eldercare facility with over 100 residents on a daily basis in Frankfort, Kentucky. Yet, she still makes time to help dreams come true for them through the Second Wind Dreams organization. Cathy enrolled Ashwood Place as a lifetime member in Second Wind Dreams back in 2009. Her first of the twenty-five dreams that she facilitated was to 99 year young Esther, who wanted to learn how to fly a plane. Cathy contacted a local pilot, who took Esther up for a 30-minute flight over Frankfort and let her take control of the plane.

Over the past year, Cathy has organized a total of ten dreams for the residents at Ashwood Place. Some dreams are as simple as a lifetime paid subscription to National Geographic to 100 year old Betty, who was recognized by National Geographic as the oldest continuous subscriber to the magazine. Richard wanted to be a nightclub singer. So she talked a local winery into letting him sing before a packed house of his friends and family. Jim grew up in Pittsburg, in the shadow of Heinz Stadium, and was a huge Steelers fan. But he had never attended a Steelers football game. This is, until Cathy was able to have the Steelers organization donate tickets to a game. The reveal was made at a local Buffalo Wild Wings with a special “shout out” to Jim via video monitors throughout the restaurant by Hall of Famer, Dermonti Dawson. Two residents wanted to be law enforcement officers – one lady was sheriff deputy and one gentleman was a Kentucky State Trooper for day. She was responsible for 92 year old Ruth’s dream of trying on a wedding dress. A dream Ruth was never able to realize when she got married straight out of the Navy in WWII. Cathy was able to rally not only the local community to give Ruth the wedding reception she was never able to have, but was also able to gain Ruth and her dream national attention on THE TODAY SHOW on a “Hope to It” piece that aired December 3, 2013. Most recently, Cathy was able to reveal to 84 year old Betty that she will realize her dream to see Alaska, thanks to generous donations by the business and private community as well as various fund raisers and a benefit concert with silent auction. Betty waited five years for her dream to become reality. She sets sail on a 7 day cruise on August 31st. Cathy even arranged for a hot air balloon ride for a resident thanks to the generous donation of a local bank. Jean watched as the balloon was inflated behind her Ashwood Place home and was able to take off with all of her family and friends looking on. Her flight lasted only an hour and a half, but her memories will last a lifetime! Local news station WKYT did a news piece on this dream that is currently nominated for a news Emmy.

Cathy has dozens of eldercare residents who are waiting for their unfulfilled dreams and wishes to become reality. Second Wind Dreams at Ashwood Place depends on the kindness of strangers and donations from the community at large and local businesses. Such a large award would fulfill dreams for years to come.