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Fit Time For Women

Sponsored By Fit-Time for Women

A new series of articles will begin starting next week.  They will be called “The Road to Wellness” and be sponsored by Fit-Time for Women.  The series will be a personal journey of living a healthier lifestyle and becoming a better, healthier ME.  That’s hard for most women, including myself.  I make excuses like everyone else, “I’m too busy”, “I have a business to run” (in my case, two businesses), “I’m a single mom”, “I don’t have the time”, “I don’t know where to begin”, “my kids come first”, the list can go on and on.  But the fact is, I’ve put everyone else first long enough!  It’s time to take some time out of my day for ME.  I’ll have to make the time like I make time for all of my other appointments throughout the day, week, month, year.  But I’ve decided that I am finally worth it!

I love what I do in Frankfort.  I love taking pictures of people.  I love covering the events in Frankfort.  I love the interaction.  I love the emotion.  But most of all, I love this community!  And it’s becoming more and more obvious to me that I am not getting any younger.  And it’s becoming harder and harder to do what I love because of the pace that I am trying to keep up with such a busy community.  So, I’ve decided to do something about it.

I contacted Fit-Time for Women recently because I’ve been there before and I feel comfortable there.  Like most women are, I’ve very self-conscious about my appearance and working out around the opposite sex.  “Am I doing this right?” “Do I look like a dork here?”  “Am I being ‘judged’ by my appearance?”  Don’t lie!  WE ALL DO IT!!!  It’s human nature.  I chose the women-only gym because of the personal service I get and they have the services I’ll need for my journey.

It was my idea to chronicle my personal journey on Capital Living.  My hope is that it helps at least one person in writing of my experiences.  And let me tell you, I’m terrified!  When I told Diana Geddes, owner of Fit-Time for Women, what I was going to do, she suggested I work with a trainer.  Oh my gosh!  Even MORE TERRIFED now!!!  But I took her advise and I called Terry Wilson, the trainer that she suggested I work with.

That first step, that first phone call, to Terry was terrifying!  But I made that call TODAY.  I spoke with Terry briefly.  Diana had already apprised her of the situation and we set up an appointment to meet next week for an assessment.  I’m nervous and scared to death at the same time!  But…I MADE a choice!  To get healthy.  To live better.  To put ME first!  So I can continue to love what I do, serve my family and the community of Frankfort, in a more healthy way.

Won’t you please join me in my journey to become healthy and a more fit ME?  I’d love for this to be a conversation starter.  Healthy tips, recipes and even other’s experiences are welcome!  Look for the first real honest (with myself) article starting next week.

Thank you Fit-TiME for giving ME time!

Have a suggestion or even a recipe* to share?  Then use the form below to share!  Or email CapitalLivingKY@gmail.com.  Let the conversation begin!!!

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