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Fit Time For Women

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OK, I have to admit, 5 am came WAY too early for me this morning to be in the gym to work with my trainer, Terry, by 6 am.  I normally stay up later into the night and work on my blog postings.  Let’s face it, the day is behind me, the house is quiet and my mind is more clear to do that type of work.  So forcing myself to go to bed earlier was a struggle.  And, when the alarm went off so early this morning, I was slow to get out of bed.  But, once I got moving, it was easier than I thought!

Even Terry isn’t fond of a 6 am workout time,  But, I chose this time because I have a 12 year old daughter that, along with running my two businesses, take up a lot of my time during the day.  Besides, I prefer the peace and quiet of the gym first thing in the morning.  The bonus for my trainer is it “warms her up” for her 7 am client, who just happens to be her older sister and owner of Fit-Time, Diana Geddes!

Although I’m a little sore from my workout this morning, I feel good.  My trainer was happy with my “determination” in even making the decision to get healthy.  She was happy with my first workout saying, “You really worked hard!  So proud”.  I think we worked well together and I know I was paired with the right person for me!

Getting healthy is a not just working out.  It’s a change in habits.  For instance, I had a meeting this morning that I even opted to walk to versus taking the car.  And another appointment for my daughter that we both walked to this afternoon.  I may even start incorporating riding my bicycle around some.  I wore a pedometer today as well.  Although I only logged just over 5,500 steps with it, it definitely encourages me to continue to move whenever possible!

I won’t bore everyone to death with daily postings when I workout without my trainer and just go tot he gym for some cardio exercises.  I scheduled one of those days for myself tomorrow morning.  But I will check in probably weekly just after every trainer accompanied workout.  Getting fit will take a while and a change in lifestyle, which I am working on step by step.  If you’re up early in the morning, come work out with me at Fit-Time for Women!


I had someone use my phone and take a picture of me after my workout today. THIS WILL BE the last time I will look like this!!!

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