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The Road to Wellness is fraught with bumps along the way.  Sometimes, one can get derailed quite easily.  Perhaps an overindulging meal.  Perhaps it’s missing that “appointment with oneself” to workout…that precious and seemingly allusive “ME time”.  I was guilty of the latter this morning.  But all was not lost!

After working out with Terry yesterday morning, I felt good…sore, but good.  My body had some trouble falling asleep last night (maybe it was that hour nap around 6 pm after she kicked my butt yesterday?).  Regardless, I had trouble falling asleep.  Because of that, 5 am came and went and I saw fit to miss my 6 am appointment at the gym for the treadmill for about an hour.

Wanting to still salvage my dedication to my workout routine, so I got my twelve-year old daughter up and pushed her out the door for what would be a two-hour long adventure!  I told her that she could ride her bike while I walked and we would just “take it easy”.  NOT!  I had every intention of walking from South Frankfort, down Taylor Avenue, across the twin bridge over the Kentucky River, along the River View trail to Buffalo Trace Distillery and back.  She relented.  So we stopped at the Glen Willis House and rested for a few minutes before heading back down the trail to the Ward Oates Amphitheater and Liberty Hall, then down Wapping Street and crossed the Singing Bridge and headed back to our home in South Frankfort.

Our spontaneous adventure lasted two hours.  The benefits to doing something like that together will last a lifetime in memories!  And, instead of spending an hour on a treadmill and/or an elliptical machine, I spent two hours pushing my daughter and myself to be better and live healthier.  Although she fussed about the distance while we were out, she thanked me after we got home and even told me that she had fun!  What more can a mother want from her tween?!

So there you have it.  Not every failure has to stay that way!  Not only did I salvage my time to workout, I extended it significantly and enjoyed time with my daughter.  It’s all about rethinking and reevaluating your situation.  YOU TOO can turn your negatives into positives when it comes to your health and well-being.  And, for the record, an app on my phone tracked my steps and calculated that we walked 3.85 miles!  That’s equivalent to a 5K!!!

Of course I took pictures with my phone.  Just because I’m working out, doesn’t mean I discontinue being a photographer!  And, I was still out enjoying the morning with my girl.

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