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If you’ve been keeping up with me on my journey to live a healthier lifestyle and be a better me, then you’ve seen that I’ve already met with obstacles.  As I’m trying to change bad habits into good ones that will last a lifetime, I’ve come to realize that it’s not easy.  After all, if it was, everyone would do it!  But I’ve tried to take those negatives that I have encountered over the last couple of weeks and turn them into positives.

For instance, I’m not totally digging on the early 5 am wake up to get to the gym and work out.  Although I KNOW I feel better afterwards and I feel that I get more accomplished in my day by getting up early and working out, I just can’t seem to convince my body of that at that time.  Sometimes I win in convincing myself to get up.  Other times, not so much.  It’s what you do with the “not so much” days that count.  For instance, I find it extremely difficult to get up and workout on Wednesday, when my beloved trainer has kicked my butt the day before during a Tuesday morning workout session.  My limbs hurt.  My core hurts.  Terry is very thorough and I love working with her because of that!  But, the day after, not so much.

What I’ve done on those days when I can’t seem to get out of the bed afterwards, is make it about “working out” with my 12 year old daughter.  The first week, she rode her bike and I walked 3.85 miles from South Frankfort, along the Riverview Trail to the Glen Willis House, back down the trail to Liberty Hall, then back home.  It took a couple hours as we rested at the Glen Willis and enjoyed the view of the river, but we had an amazing adventure and got my workout in too.  The second week, my daughter had her longtime friend over for a visit.  I took the kids over to Cove Springs Park, where they continue to amaze me with the improvements.  We trail walked for a mile and a half.  Doesn’t sound like much, but after Terry’s workout on Tuesday, that’s about all I could muster!  I actually enjoy promoting a healthier lifestyle with my girl.  I hope to instill habits in her that will last a lifetime as well.

As I introduce a new routine into my life, I’m finding it extremely difficult to juggle and shuffle it into the old routines.  I’m sure I’m like many of you.  For years I’ve told myself, “I don’t have time to workout.”  And for me that is especially true with two businesses, and a very full plate with my personal and family life.  I used to stay up late at night or even get up early in the morning, and catch up on my blog posts for Capital Living or editing for Digital Expressions, my photography business.  But I’ve been forcing myself to go to sleep earlier at night so that I am well rested for working out the next day.  Therefore, I’m finding my workload piling up before I know it!  I’m not complaining.  I’m just still “tweaking” my schedule to do what needs to be done and take care of myself too.

Aside from the aforementioned challenges that I’ve faced so far, I’ve had more successes in the first two weeks of this long journey.  The immediate results showed up on the scale at the end of the first week, when I had dropped 6 pounds!  I’m eating better, not only healthier, but portion control also.  And when I do have “what everyone else is having”, it’s about setting limits and holding myself accountable.  I’ve found apps that help out there.  I’m drinking less diet soda, and Diet Coke is a HUGE weakness of mine!  I used to drink a 2 liter a day.  Now I’m down to about a 2 liter every three days.  I’ve switched to drinking a LOT of water.  I add a little lemon juice for flavor.  I find myself drinking about 2 to 3 liters of water a day now!  I walk.  JUST for the sake of walking!  I forgive myself on the days that I don’t go to the gym and walk instead.  I had three events that I covered on Friday.  Because I skipped the early morning workout, I walked to one event 3/4 of a mile away from my house.  Then I walked to another one in the afternoon that was 1/2 mile away.  The third event was nothing BUT walking.  Before I knew it, I had walked 7 miles in one day!  I doubt I would have done that in the gym that morning.

I appreciate all of the support from my friends and the community!  I’ve gotten tremendous support from the wonderful ladies at Fit-Time for Women, as well as from others who workout at and even own other gyms.  I’m still looking for recipes to make for myself and my family as well as to post on Capital Living as a separate page for all to share.  And I welcome anyone who wants to join me at the gym at 6 am!  See ya there!!!

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