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So, a couple of weeks ago, I had written how frustrated I was with the weight as it held steady over a couple of weeks.  But I pressed on.  And the results are in!

I had some set backs last week as I wanted to join the Couch to 5K group that meets every Tuesday evening in downtown Frankfort.  The Frankfort Striders are responsible for putting this group together and more throughout the week.  Since I had pushed myself to walk the previous two days, I developed a nasty blister on the back of my heel by the day the group met.  And I had to bow out.  After a couple of days of resting and switching to my old shoes that did not rub that area, I was back up on my feet and pushing walking to and from the two events that I photographed on Friday afternoon and evening.  These walks, although shorter distances, were no less taxing on my body as I carried camera gear and even a couple of folding chairs and a bag with snacks and water (for my daughter and myself at the summer concert).  Now, with the blister healed up, I’m ready to tackle the Couch to 5K group tonight!

After five weeks of going to the gym, walking on my own, eating better, and drinking plenty of water, I got measured again this morning before my workout with my trainer.  The good news?  I lost 12 lbs. in that time.  I did not lose it in my hips, which was disappointing.  Oddly enough, I seemed to have gained some girth in my chest area.  However, the rest of my numbers were staggering.  Proving once and for all to myself that I HAD been working hard enough!  My body fat dropped from 48.5% to 25.6%!  My fat weight was nearly cut in half, going from 139.5 lbs. to 70.6 lbs.!  My lean weight jumped dramatically from 148.3 lbs. to 205.5 lbs.  My total body water jumped from 41.5% to 56.4%, well within the ideal range of 50-60%.  And my BMI or body mass index dropped from 41.2 to 39.5.  Happy as I was with the numbers, I know there is such a long way to go.  But I am growing stronger and healthier every day.  And that was my ultimate goal.

Developing healthy habits has been a struggle.  But it’s gotten easier as I’ve developed daily routines.  I eat a healthy breakfast in the morning.  I like to snack on fruit and yogurt after a workout.  I have cut my caffeine intake to one beverage a day.  And drink water the rest of the day.  For lunch, I like a salad with chicken that I have cooked up and stored in my refrigerator for quick and easy access.  I may have a yogurt or a granola bar sometime during the day or after dinner.  Dinner is always about portion control.  I eat what my family eats.  But I eat a lot of vegetables instead of the starchy foods.  I’ve become addicted to large quantities of the Normandy vegetable mix with lots of carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and squash.  I eat sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes (something I had NEVER done in the past).  And I document EVERYTHING on my phone with the MyFitness Pal app.

I invested in a smart watch that acts as a pedometer, can monitor my heart rate, and track my sleep cycles.  I’m a gadget type of gal.  This smart watch also can play music during my workouts, make phone calls, text, and even act as a voice recorder.  It seamlessly syncs with my phone via Bluetooth technology.  It’s easier to maintain a healthier diet and keep track of my activity.  By investing in a smart watch, it forces me to be serious about my health and fitness goals.

I know I have a long way to go.  And I realize that it’s not going to happen overnight.  But looking back on the last five weeks I’ve realized that I CAN DO THIS!  And you can too!  Join me on the Road to Wellness and share your experience here.  I’d love to hear from you!

What’s your success story?  Use the form below to share!  Or email CapitalLivingKY@gmail.com.  Thanks for joining and encouraging me on my journey!!!