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It wasn’t that long ago that Ben Smith and his wife, Martha, returned to the commonwealth and settled in Georgetown.  Ben is a 1969 graduate of Frankfort High.  After being gone from the area for so long, he decided to reconnect with one of his old high school buddies, Tom Bennett, who resides with his wife, Terry, here in Frankfort.  They got to talking about old times and getting the “old gang” together for a reunion of sorts.  Before they knew it, they were holding a party at Tom and Terri’s home back in the Spring of this year.  What started off as a gathering of about 18 people, turned out to be one of over 60!  That’s when they realized that they were on to something.

Tom and Ben decided to hold a Winter reunion as well.  This time, the Frankfort Country Club would play host to over 120 people.  The event, held this past Tuesday, seemed to be a lot of fun for everyone.  Former teachers, coaches and students mingled and talked about their fond memories of Frankfort High and growing up in Frankfort.

If you are a graduate of Frankfort High School and would like to be included on the next alumni event, contact Ben Smith at bsmith@think2perform.com.  Be sure to include your graduation year and complete contact information.

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