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Many of you have read my previous articles about getting healthy that started this past summer.  I’m sure many of you have noticed that those series of articles have, like my constant struggle with getting healthier, have been derailed.  Oh sure!  I can come up with excuses like, “I was busy with work”. Or how about this? “I bought a house”. Or even, “I am a single mom with responsibilities to my child”.  Or even, “my trainer was out for several weeks with surgery”.  They ALL apply to me!  And most may even apply to you as well.

It doesn’t take a new year to learn to be nice to yourself.  To exercise on regular basis.  To eat properly.  To give yourself time to sleep and your body to recover.  It takes a commitment to yourself any time of the year.  Once that commitment is made, sticking to that commitment year round to form new habits.

Still, most people, myself included, look back on year and ask themselves, “how can I make this year better? What can I do this year to improve myself over last year?”  I’m always looking to improve.  I like using January and February, typically slower times of the year for me to make changes to my businesses.  I use the slower times to look for ways to improve my websites – both Capital Living and Digital Expressions Photography.  I welcome new ideas for both (hint! hint!)  I look for new ways to get involved in the Frankfort community.  Overall, I just strive to be a better ME!  Their not a “New Year’s resolutions”, per say.  They are subtle changes on improving oneself.

I’ve recently gotten little “nudges” in the form of texts from a certain lady that I adore.  I value her opinion above so many others in this community.  She has become another “mom” to me.  And, as that parental figure, it is her right, almost a duty, to nudge me when I falter and get out and out lazy on my quest of being a better ME!

The New Year is another good “nudge”, especially for us ladies!  We put our children, our significant others, our jobs and careers, and yes, even our homes, ahead of taking care of ourselves.  There is no limit to the number of excuses we can come up with!  But, if we don’t take care of ourselves, we won’t be here to take care of those other things.

I’ll be taking care of ME again!  I’m headed back to Fit-Time for Women (maybe even taking some classes), walking, bike riding, making time for proper sleep, and watching what I eat.  Who’s WITH ME?!  This will be a HAPPY 2015!!!

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