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Frankfort, Kentucky – On May 19, Frankfort native Ray Peden hit the Publish button for his first suspense/thriller, One Tenth of the Law. Set predominately in current day Frankfort, Lexington, Macon (Ga), and Richmond (Va), plus 2003 Kuwait leading up to Operation Iraqi Freedom, the novel spins a layered tale of intrigue and conspiracy from the highest levels of government greed and corruption to the violent dregs of bottom-dwelling psychopaths.

This book springs from the accumulation of five years of research into the rampant fraud during the build-up to war in Iraq. Weave in a fictional narrative of an ordinary family caught up in every parent’s nightmare–a kidnapped child. Then add a troubled former Special Ops soldier trying to forget his killing past as well the trauma of as his own wife and daughter lost to a tragic fire, and a tension-filled story was born.

“As a boy I did all the usual things like Boy Scouts and Little League, but I was particularly drawn to the creative arts––drawing, painting, writing stories. When my dream to be an architect hit a wall I detoured into civil engineering and later construction. Now, 43 years later, retirement gives me the chance to return to the pleasures that stirred me as a youth. Not a hobby but another full-time career.”

In 2004 Peden naively decided to write the next Great American Novel. He dived back into reading fiction. He read countless books on the craft of writing. On the way back from vacation in 2005 his imagination turned a simple observation into the seeds of a story. First drafts were horribly amateurish so he signed up for writing conferences and continued to read and study the craft from the open-ended blogsphere. In 2013 he finished the first draft of One Tenth.

His entry in the Killer Nashville Claymore competition was a top-ten finalist among several hundred entries but still it had shortcomings. He took eight months off to study the structure and psychology of how to reach the reader while refining his work in progress. Now, thirty-some drafts later, a book has hit the streets.

“It’s been a long but satisfying journey. I feel like I’ve been in a self-taught Masters program in Writing. I graded my own homework and took my own tests. And in the end it will be pass-fail.”

Ray Peden and his protagonist, Patrick Grainger, are currently working on the next story in the series.

About the Author:

Ray Peden Author

Ray Peden’s professional career spans 43 years as a Civil Engineer, General Contractor, Home Builder and Designer, Land Developer, Project Manager, and Public Relations Copywriter. Along the way he found time for other pursuits: magazine editor, R&B guitarist, painter, cartoonist, drill sergeant, carpenter, stone mason. Throw in three ex-wives, three amazing daughters, four grandchildren and counting, and it was time to retire to a new career, the thrill-a-minute life as a novelist, on Mulholland Beach watching the Kentucky River roll by. He and Patrick Grainger are currently working on the next story in this series.

About the Book:

One Tenth of the Law

One Tenth of the Law By Ray Peden - Mike Barnes Cover

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A simple quirk of fate. Two fathers bound together by personal tragedy.

                                And the cover-up of a cold-case fire is exposed as murder.

Revenge is a relentless motivator in the hands of a man

with special skills and nothing to lose . . .


Mulholland Beach Press

1950 Ninevah Road

Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

ISBN: 978-1-60416-719-1 – Soft Cover

ISBN: 978-1-60416-720-7 – Hard Cover

Cover art & photography – Gene Burch, Frankfort, KY

Interior design – Tim Caviness, Greensboro, NC

Email: raypeden101@gmail.com

Phone: (502) 680-0447

Author’s website:  www.writerontheriver.com

Will be available on Amazon (Kindle, soft cover, and hardback) and independent bookstores

Signed copies available from Author’s website