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Xooker Creates Opportunity for Six High School Bands

LEXINGTON, KY. (Oct. 8, 2015) — Local high-school bands have to start from $0 every year and raise upwards of $450,000 in order to put together their magical half-time performances and compete in contests all around the nation. Lexington-based company Xooker has provided over $10,000 in the last 60 days to area marching bands in return for user feedback of the new Xooker app before its official launch.

While beta testing, focus groups and other forms of market research are a business expenditure for any tech company, Xooker chose to spend that budget money with the high school bands at Paul Laurence Dunbar, Lafayette Senior High School, Tates Creek High School, Madison Central High School, Henry Clay High School, and Bryan Station High School in the summer of 2015, prior to the company’s official launch of the Xooker app in early October.

Xooker, a next-generation platform for merchant and consumer engagement, made waves with the students and parents of these bands. Xooker founder Conrad R. Carney II, a former band parent himself, wanted to find a way to incorporate the local community in helping build a platform that would be serving them.

Bands are always looking for opportunities to maintain the band programs and the level of funds needed. Bands participate in things like running bingo at the local bingo halls, and selling different kinds of merchandise and delivering those goods. The level of commitment from the students, and their parents, is very high.

With all of that in mind, Xooker set out to help the local high schools in raising their funds. In return for providing user feedback on Xooker in its various stages of development, Xooker donated money to each band.

“My oldest daughter was on the color guard at Paul Laurence Dunbar, so I can not only sympathize with the parents, but also empathize with them. We know about all of the hard work that it takes for parents to fundraise for the bands, so we wanted to make sure that we could help them achieve their goals in the easiest way possible,” Carney said.

Xooker has only just begun its affinity program with the high school bands, and has already set out other opportunities to help them meet their goals.

Xooker is also giving away three $15,000 college scholarships this fall.

About Xooker, LLC.

Founded in 2013, Xooker (pronounced “Zooker”), is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky. The Xooker app launched Oct. 1, 2015, as a next-generation merchant and consumer engagement platform that is mobile, location-aware, personalized and fun. Xooker overlays analytics with a powerful combination of engagement tools that includes messaging, deals, coupons, automatic check-in, games and rewards. This unique mobile-first consumer engagement platform enables local and national merchants to both get new clients, and keep them as profitable repeat customers. The platform includes a suite of games that can be branded so even local, independent merchants can keep consumers engaged in a fun way.