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In a day and age where those who protect and serve the general public, putting their lives on the line daily is “part of the job”.  Even now, as I comfortably sit behind my computer struggling to get the words out for this article, I know that they are out there, in the 30 degree weather, watching over the Frankfort & Franklin County community.

Brandy Durman, along with several hundred of her friends, marched on the Kentucky State Capitol on Saturday carrying what she describes as “a picture of her husband’s big head”.  Brandy is the widow of Officer Bryan Durman, a Lexington Police Officer who was struck down and killed by Glenn Doneghy back in April 29, 2010, while investigating a noise complaint.  She was a guest speaker for the march up Capital Avenue organized by Jennifer Justice, who is herself married to a Lexington Police Officer.

Every day Jennifer’s husband puts on his uniform to go to work, she lives in fear that he may not return.  He tries to reassure her.  And tells her “it’s just part of the job”.  But it shouldn’t be.  And Jennifer wanted to let his brothers and sisters who put on the very same uniform know that the public at large “see them” and recognize their efforts and leadership in our communities.

Jennifer organized the march on Frankfort utilizing the power of social media.  The We Will Not Be Silenced event, drew a few hundred supporters from across the Commonwealth.  The “We Will Not Be Silenced” event motto is in reference to when Officer Darren Goforth was shot and killed in Texas while pumping gas in his police cruiser. The prosecutor was recorded saying that, “It is time for the silent majority in this country to support law enforcement.”


So, they came from places like Lexington, Nicholasville, Bardstown, and Richmond, to show support of their respective law enforcement.  With just a month of planning, it was quite a show of support.  And they were NOT silent!

Besides Mrs. Durman, other speakers included Ethan Whitt, US Congressman Andy Barr’s Staffer, and Russ Meyer, Fayette & Jessamine County Representative to the Kentucky House of Representatives.  The National Anthem was beautifully sung by Darian Sanders.  And the invocation was given by Lexington Police Department Chaplain Stewart.

Overwhelmingly, communities support their men and women in blue.  Typically, the news media sensationalize these professionals over life and death situations that are done with less than a moment’s notice.  We need to remember that they are human too.  That they need the love and support of not only their loved ones, but of the communities they serve in.  After all, if they don’t step up to protect and serve you, who will?  We have your back!  We see you!