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During the week of October 19th – 24th, 2015, nearly one hundred photographers and videographers descended upon Frankfort for what would be a brutal week of long days of work, and sleepless nights filled with seminars, workshops, and countless hours of editing.  All in an effort to record this community’s stories.  The 40th year of Mountain Workshops is a series of high intensity video and photojournalism workshops.  It is a program run out of Western Kentucky University.  It started back in 1976, when a couple of WKU professors took a small group of photojournalism students to Eastern Kentucky to document the last of the state’s one-room school houses.  It has morphed into something beyond comprehension, with nearly 100 participants and nearly as many volunteers, professionals and instructors to guide and teach those coming to learn to be better story tellers.  And they focused their attention on the commonwealth’s capital city during this one week in October.  Read about Our Stories; Our Frankfort on Capital Living.

They are college students who came from across the United States.  They are professionals coming from all over the world.  The came to learn from the best of the best in their respective fields.  And it all starts…with picking a name from a hat.

Since many of the participants are college students, they are socially active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest.  They share their behind the scenes photos and their experiences during their time on location.  But they post their finished stories and videos to their Mountain Workshops website.  Frankfort’s stories are still being posted.  But the page is coming together nicely HERE.

 There were so many photo journalists, that they practically tripped over each other as they covered Frankfort.  What Capital Living does year-round, they were accomplishing in less than a week.  They were up before dawn.  And awake editing and learning while the rest of Frankfort was fast asleep.  They overran the local coffee shops to keep their creative juices flowing.  They took in every aspect of Frankfort that they could to convey the story about their subject matter.

I was one of their subjects.  The piece entitled Chasing the Light is about my passion for photography and my volunteerism in the community.  But it is about so much more. I don’t say it to brag.  I say this because I had a videographer filming me while I was trying to capture my images of Frankfort!  Events, regular clients, meetings, my home life, my family, all were in the spotlight as I tried to go about my “daily business” in Frankfort.  During my adventures with Miss Betina Garcia, I ran into other Mountain Workshop participants – a LOT of them!

As I engaged in conversation with each one, I asked if they liked Frankfort.  Not one said “NO”!  Everyone said that they came here with a difference expectation in mind because we are a state capital.  What they found was a close knit community of farmers, business owners, families, people and places that make this place special.

Frankfort is a better place for having this event take place.  Nearly 200 people from around the world came to Frankfort and documented it’s history.  Those moments forever captured and posted to their website as well as an upcoming book project about our city.  We showed them what Southern Hospitality was really about.  And many would like to return in their future.  Frankfort could use more positive events like that.

Enjoy my photos of THEM as I turned my camera in their direction during their stay in Frankfort!

Brent McCarty was photographed by Daniel Rader.  The images that resulted from the bobcat outing were funny!

Random moments with other photographers throughout Frankfort.

Behind the scenes of Mountain Workshops as told through their social media images

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