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Attorneys from Frost Brown Todd LLC and the Kentucky Bar Foundation will present the 2015 Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) program to first-year students from Monday, Nov. 2,  through Wednesday, Nov. 4 at Bradford Hall and Young Media Hall at Kentucky State University. This is the first time the program will be featured on this scale at the university level.

Attorneys from Frost Brown Todd LLC have prepared the presentation which will provide details about the importance of a responsible credit management and the consequences of abusing credit.

There will be nine 50-minute seminars presented by bankruptcy legal professionals, and the topics will include budgeting; cost of using credit; possible pitfalls for new credit users; financial independence; and identity theft.

This volunteer program is in its eighth year and continues to have an impact on personal finance insights for young adults. For the 2014 CARE program, 143 attorneys delivered the 50-minute presentation to over 3,500 students in 22 Jefferson County schools.  For more information about the CARE program: careinky.org

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