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The Leadership Frankfort Class of 2016 learned a little more about the inner workings of the Frankfort/Franklin County community on Thursday when they participated in their Emergency Disaster Planning & Media Challenge Day.

The group met at the Franklin County Chapter of the American Red Cross on Washington Street.  As usual, the day started with leadership development training facilitated by Dave Weller. Rick Pogrotsky, Franklin County Chapter of the Red Cross Board Member, who gave an overview of the history of the American Red Cross and a brief history of the 200 year old building that the Franklin County Chapter of the Red Cross occupies.  Rick also spoke of the changes that occurred to the national Red Cross, which had affects on the commonwealth, combining services and realigning territories.  He also stressed the importance of volunteers in the organization, the backbone of the American Red Cross organization.  As well as the plethora of programs the Red Cross hosts, such as CPR and Babysitting Training classes.  Scott Tibbetts, Disaster Program Manager for the Kentucky Region, also spoke of the importance of volunteerism, but also elaborated on some of the responsibilities on the emergencies that the Red Cross responds to.  Paula Rutledge, Volunteer Coordinator for the Kentucky Region, reiterated the importance of volunteers to the organization, but also stressed the critical need for blood donations from the chapter house and various local blood drives.  An interesting note: you can now register ONLINE before donating blood!  This speeds up the process tremendously for those who want to do their civic duty AND save time doing it.  If you’d like to find out more about programs offered through the Red Cross, volunteer opportunities, disaster relief, or blood donations, please click HERE.

The benefits of having multiple emergency organizations in one room is to provide coordination, planning and a ready response capability in the event of an emergency or hazardous situation

From disaster relief to disaster response, the class headed on over the Emergency Operations Center located inside the Frankfort Police station.  Here, many emergency response teams can gather in one place and share information pertaining to emergency management and homeland security.  The benefits of having multiple emergency organizations in one room is to provide coordination, planning and a ready response capability in the event of an emergency or hazardous situation, without having to go through other organizations channels.  All the key emergency response players would be in the same room at the same time and communication in “real time”.  Wes Willis and Marc Wood were wonderful facilitators of this part of the day.  For more information about Frankfort – Franklin County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, click HERE for the website, email them at contact@frankfortema.org, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter!

Lunch was at the Frankfort Country Club and was hosted by The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.  The Kentucky Chamber went over the public policies as well as the 2016 Legislative Agenda for the upcoming Kentucky session.

The group wound up their day at the Frankfort Plant Board.  Where they met Glen Waldrop, the 2015 President of the Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce and FPB spokesperson.  They also met John Higginbotham, Gary Grider, also with the Plant Board.  They spoke about the history of the FPB company, the constant changes and even advertising and production opportunities.  After the tour of the TV studio, the group then learned about social media from Doug Graham, with Commonwealth Credit Union.  The last speaker fo the day was the incomparable Kristin Cantrell, owner of CapCity Communications (Froggy 104.9 & 101.4, Star 103.7, and Passport 93.5 & 1490 AM radio stations).  Kristin spoke about “branding” as it pertains to an individual, a business, and a community.  The always high energy Cantrell, spoke of the constant evolution of branding of the radio stations that she owns both locally and in another state.  She spoke about being passionate and embracing the changes in each of the radio stations as she is in the process of rebranding each to cater to different genres in the market.  To see more about what the CapCity family has to offer, check out Froggy 104.9 (country), Star 103.7 (modern and contemporary), and Passport 93.5 (60s, 70s & 80s).

The Leadership Frankfort program is committed community leaders learning about Frankfort & Franklin County to better find ways to serve their community both personally and professionally.  To find out more about the Leadership Frankfort program, contact the Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce at 502-223-8261 or http://frankfortky.info.  Don’t forget to follow the series of articles dedicated to this year’s Leadership Frankfort Experience.