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The Kentucky Employees Credit Union sponsored and Downtown Frankfort, Inc hosted the February ArtWalk on Friday night.  The SweetArt ArtWalk expanded out of the immediate few blocks of downtown Frankfort into South Frankfort area.  This move, designed to include the many art venues featuring artists located across the Kentucky River.  The move came with mixed reviews as less people seemed to be located in the immediate downtown venues, while the new locations featuring artists in South Frankfort saw a decent number.  The weather may have played a factor on the lower attendance downtown as well, as it was quite cold and snow was foretasted for the evening.  All in all, for the first time out of the gate to encompass more of the culture that makes Frankfort a unique and remarkable place to live, was a success.  We covered at least 11 of the nearly 30 venues opened during this evening, many of them located in South Frankfort.  For the most part, parking was easy at many places, many offering on street parking directly in front, and the locations had an amazing selection of art to enjoy!