Frankfort Independent Schools and Franklin County Schools are in need of volunteers for Operation Preparation.  This is a great opportunity for our students to interact with community leaders, businesses, and schools.  Students will be participating during the sessions on March 21st and March 22nd.  See attached form and information below.

What is Operation Preparation and how do I volunteer?

Operation Preparation is a joint effort of the Kentucky Department of Education and the Department of Workforce Development and provides a powerful opportunity for schools, students, parents and communities to collaborate in the process of effective advising and focus attention on the importance of planning for college and/or career. 

During March, trained volunteer community advisors will meet one-on-one with every 8th- and 10th-grade student. The community advisor will use the student’s Individual Learning Plan or ILP (including career interest inventory and EXPLORE/PLAN results) to discuss the student’s:

  • career aspirations, required education/training and workforce skills
  • whether the student is on target to meet their goals
  • whether the student is taking the courses recommended to prepare them for a successful future

It is anticipated that each session will take about 20 minutes. The meeting is designed to provide both information and inspiration for the student to achieve college/career-readiness.

The Office of Regional Stewardship & Public Engagement at Kentucky State University needs volunteer advisors for Operation Preparation 2016.  Would you be willing to contribute a portion of your time to the Operation Preparation initiative March 14th, 15th, 21st. 22nd and 23rd?   You will have the opportunity to advise students about college and career options in your area of expertise.  Operation Preparation is a statewide initiative that gives every eighth and tenth grade student in Kentucky an opportunity to meet with a volunteer advisor to focus on their career plans and preparation.  We need at least (80) eighty volunteer advisors per session each day for five (5) days in all career cluster areas but have many high school students interested in Agriculture, Health Science, Arts/Humanities, Military and Law careers.  

This year, KSU will host over 2500 eighth and tenth grade students, from Franklin Co., Frankfort Independent, Henry, Owen, Trimble and Anderson Counties for Operation Preparation. 

Advisors will work for a two-hour period either in the morning and/or afternoon.  See the attached signup sheet.  You can learn more about the statewide initiative athttp://education.ky.gov/educational/CCadv/op/Pages/default.aspx 

I urge you to take two hours to make a difference in the lives of these students volunteering to serve as an advisor for one or two (2)-hour periods at KSU on March 14th, 15th, 21, 22nd, and 23rd in the Carl Hill Student Center ballroom.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact Irma Johnson with your advising topic and available timeframe at Irma.johnson@kysu.edu; 502-597-6315 or Monique Roberts at 597-6560. 

OP 2016 Volunteer Community Advisor Form

Download your Operation Preparation Form Volunteer Form HERE.