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In an effort to involve our entire community in the future of our children, Capital Living is honored to partner with the schools to include their respective “news”.  Frankfort Independent School Superintendent, Houston Barber, is the first to take advantage of this opportunity to reach outside of the district by taking advantage of this new partnership.  We invite other schools to join us in getting their news out throughout our community.  Because when a community is informed, it can work together to benefit all.

FIS Make-Up Weather days 2016

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What’s Happening at Frankfort Independent Schools!

Frankfort High School

Week of March 7 – 11, 2016

Panther Paw

From Dr. Houston Barber, Frankfort Independent Schools Superintendent

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It’s been an exciting two weeks. Literacy Night at Second Street School was a major success. We had lots of families participate and promote literacy for all ages. We have read close to 2000 books but we need 8000 more to meet our goal. It is critical that we continue to unite as a family to make this happen. We can do this! We have two more months to go! Also, I’m highly encouraging you to send letters, make phone calls, and send emails of support for SB 148 and HB 541. It is important that we unite together and provide the legislators with the facts and inequity of the situation. Thanks for your support in this endeavor!

FIS Board of Education Meetings

This month our two meetings will be on March 14, 2016 (Planning Meeting) – 6:00 PM at Central Office and March 21, 2016 (Regular Meeting) – 6:00 PM at Frankfort High School. Please be engaged and involved with our FIS Board Team.

Calendar Dates

As a reminder, we have school through March 22, 2016. We will be in session on March 21 and March 22 as make-up “inclement weather” days. We will then be on break from March 23 through April 8. Therefore, our first day back will be April 11, 2016. Finally, Panther Enrichment Program (PEP) will be offered March 23 – March 25 at Second Street School (please review attached offerings and opportunities).

Welcome to the Frankfort Independent Schools District (FISD)

Please join me in welcoming the following new teammates to Frankfort Independent Schools:

1) HR Director – Angela Rogers (see attached resume)

2) CCP Director (Interim) – Michael Hefling (see attached resume)

3) FHS and SSS Bookkeeper – Heather Kerns (FHS Alum from 2008 – see attached resume)

If you get a chance, please congratulate them (I cc’d each one of them in this email)!!

FISD – KSU Partnership

Since the hiring of Dr. Ron Chi, we have moved forward on several items:

1) We have developed a Technology Committee focused on improving efficiency and effectiveness of our 1:1 Initiative. The Technology Committee will provide overall recommendations and considerations as it relates to strategic planning, strategic actions, and strategic decisions about technology in our schools.

2) Dr. Chi is working closely with Mr. Lyons, KSU Faculty, and Staff to kick off next year with Early College for FHS. We will have slots available for our students (even 9th graders) to begin taking coursework and college classes beginning the Fall of 2016. These students will have an opportunity to earn a College Associates Degree and a HS Diploma at the same time.

3) Students from FISD will be attending STEAM opportunities and camps this summer – see email below from Jeremy Sandifer about one such camp –Summer Apprenticeship Program:

Thanks again for the time this morning regarding the SAP. I have attached a few documents for your review:

-Intent form: for reserving space while the student completes the full paper work

-SAP Post-report: details how the program went last year

-SAP Proceedings: showcasing student work completed

The relevant documents will be posted online at kysu.edu/cafsss-sap. I just checked and one registration form is not posted, but will be in the next day or so. Once I receive an intent form, I will begin working with the participants to make sure they understand what needs to be completed before the program starts.

Best regards,

Jeremy Sandifer

STEM Project Coordinator

Summer Apprenticeship Program

Kentucky State University

College of Agriculture, Food Science, and Sustainable Systems

Office: (502) 597-7311

“In All Things Excellence … The KSU Transformation”

4) We have created entrepreneurial opportunities with Gorilla Maker and KSU (Makerspace) and FISD students. This will open up the doors to design thinking for all of our students.

5) Dr. Chi and I met with Hal Heiner’s team to discuss Workforce Development and we are working towards internships, externships, and scholarship opportunities for all students in FISD.

These are a five action items in motion. We have several more in the works. This has been an amazing partnership and we have much more to celebrate as we move forward.

Operation Preparation

Frankfort Independent School students will be participating in Operation Preparation held on March 21 and March 22 at KSU. Please review the attached press release and volunteer community advisor form – we still need volunteers. Thanks for your support of this incredible opportunity for our students.

FISD Timeline for Strategic Planning Process

The Frankfort Independent School Board approved an FISD Timeline for Strategic Planning on January 25, 2016. This will increase our efficiency and effectiveness as an organization with sustainability in mind. We have worked through the first two steps. Now we are conducting a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) based on previous audits, community input sessions, and surveys. We will be calling on your support as we roll out Focus Teams for each goal area (strategic objectives and strategic actions) starting March 15.

Review/Create V-M-V                                                                    Jan. 9 –Feb.15

Collection and Analysis of Data                                                 Feb. 15–March 1

SWOT Analysis                                                                                  March 1 -15

Development of Strategic Objectives                                       March 15-April 15

Funding Determined for Strategic Objectives                       April 15-May 15

Board of Education Approve Strategic Objectives              May Board Meeting

Targets and Goals Established                                                   June 1 –July 1

Action Plans Developed                                                                 July 1 –August 1

Board Approves Strategic Plan                                                  August Board Meeting

Deployment Plan Developed                                                       Sept.1-15

Strategic Planning Process Reviewed                                      Sept.16-30

Board Approve Strategic Planning Process                           October Board Meeting

Principal’s Notes

  • FHS SBDM will meet Monday, March 7 at 4pm.
  • Spring Break will be March 23-April 8. Students return to school on Monday April 11.
  • Frankfort High School is in the process of improving and expanding (greatly!) its internship program for next year. If you are interested in hosting a student intern or have a contact that may be, please contact Mr. Lyons or Mr. Hecker



3/9 @Danville 6pm

3/10 @Thomas Nelson 6pm (V/JV)

3/11 Bath County 6pm

3/15 Paris 5:30pm

3/17 Owen County 5:30pm

3/23 @Eminence 6pm

3/24 @Woodford 5:30pm



3/14 Henry County 5:30pm

3/16 Model 6pm

3/19 Berea 12pm

3/22 @Trimble County 6pm

3/23 @Bath County 6pm

3/25 Eminence 5:30



3/11 vs Collins @Clear Creek Park, Shelbyville 4:45pm

3/14 vs East Jessamine @PAC 4:45pm

3/15 vs South Oldham @PAC 5:30pm

3/18 vs WHHS @WHHS 4:45pm

3/22 vs FCHS @FCHS 4:45pm

3/23 vs Shelby County @PAC 4:45pm

3/24 vs Trimble County @Trimble 4:45pm


Cheerleading Try-outs for the 2016/2017 school year will be held March 7-10 at SSS in the Jungle Cafeteria from 5:30-7.

Counselor’s Corner

The deadline for ordering an AP test is March 18.  Students must turn in complete payment and the registration form.  Forms were given to students in January and may also be found on the school website under the Counselor’s Corner section.  Free/reduced lunch students may be eligible for a scholarship.  Please contact Mrs. Anderson at cindy.anderson@frankfort.kyschools.us with any questions.  Tests will not be ordered for any student not completing registration by March 18.

We are excited to present Juniors and Seniors with a seminar on “How to Get a Job” on March 15.  Information will be provided by Amanda Hutchison from Spencerian College.  Juniors will attend at 9:00 a.m. and Seniors at 9:30 a.m.

FHS is hosting a blood drive on March 18 in room 17.  Please consider donating.

On March 22, at 10:00 a.m., Jeff Hancock from the Franklin County Clerk’s Office will be on hand to register students to vote.  Any student (or adult) who will be at least 18 by the November election may register.

Also on March 22, our sophomores will be attending an Operation Preparation event at Kentucky State University.  Students will have an opportunity to meet with representatives from various career clusters as well as military personnel.  If you would like to volunteer as a mentor for this valuable program, please contact Irma Johnson at irma.johnson@kysu.edu.

Benches for Bradley Project Update Jan 2016

What’s Happening at Frankfort Independent Schools!

Second Street School

Week of March 7 – 11, 2016

FAMILY LITERACY NIGHT:  Our SSS Read Like a Rockstar Family Literacy Night was a huge hit!  We had many families take part in the festivities and the feedback has been outstanding!  Thanks to our PTSA and all of the teachers who helped out to make this night a huge success.  Ms. Paul and Ms. Dickerson’s class tied for the WIN!  Congrats to everyone!  We will see what the PTSA has in store for the winning classes.

  • PEP:  PEP packets were sent out on Friday for students to take home and show their parents.  All registration forms are due by Wednesday, March 9 so please make sure to check your child’s backpack.  I have also attached a copy for you.  A big thanks goes out to Julie Gosney and Marty Hulette for their leadership with taking on the PEP planning and implementation process!
    EXCEL:  Your child may been invited to attend EXCEL for additional academic assistance.  If your child was invited, they would have brought home a permission slip for you to fill out.  Please send the completed permission slip back to school as soon as possible.
    F2B:  Wednesday will be our K-3 Footsteps to Brilliance Training.  All of our K-3 teachers will be attending this in half day segments.  This training is vital in regards to supporting our families with early literacy exposure and promotion of our goal for all students to be reading on grade level by grade 3.
    BEE FRIENDLY: The Capitol City Bee Keepers will be visiting the SSS Art Room Monday March 7th from 12:30-2:30!! We have created artwork with them for many years including painted bee hives by our middle school students. Students in all grades have made bee drawings as mementos to send with the Honey Queen who is our very special guest!! She will give a lesson on how important bees are to the environment and what they do for people. It will be and exciting afternoon!!
    Monday 3/7:
    12:30-2:30 – Capital City Bee Keepers visit SSS
    2:50 – Faculty Mtg
    3:10-4:15 – 7/8 Jazz Band practice @ FHS
    Tuesday 3/8:
    2:30 – Pink Panthers
    2:40 – DHALL/ESS
    2:40 – Student Voice
    4-5:30 – Girls Soccer @ PAC
    4:00 – Regional Governor’s Cub for Written Comp @ Anne Mason Elem.
    5:00 – Special Called SBDM mtg with BOE @ SSS Library
    Wednesday 3/9:
    2:40 – ESS
    K-3 Footsteps to Brilliance training.  Morning and afternoon sessions.
    AM 7:45-10:45: Floyd, Gosney, Chappel, Sluss, Dickerson, Paul
    PM 11:30-2:30:  Ross, Amburgey, Arnold, Stigers, Duncan, VanAtt
    4-5:30 – Girls Soccer @ PAC
    Thursday 3/10:
    AM – 7/8 grade Writing scrimmage
    2:40 – DHALL/ESS
    3:00 – COMPASS Learning Training with Donovan Kerns (computer lab)
    4:30 – Wellness Committee mtg
    Friday 3/11:
    2:45 – BETA Officer election in Riverview Cafe
    3:10-4:15 – 7/8 Jazz Band practice @ FHS
    Saturday 3/12:
    8:30 am – Regional Governor’s Cup for Written Assessments @ Anne Mason          Elem
    Monday 3/14:
    Final Writing PD hosted by RSMS-  Grades 3-6 SSS 3-5:00
    Grades 7-8 FHS 3:30-5:30
    6:00 – BOE Mtg


    Sure hope I didn’t miss anything!  I hope you had a chance to enjoy the sunshine!

    Amy J. Harris
    Second Street School/Frankfort Middle School
    “Where Legends Learn” 
    Responsibility, Relator, Significance, Learner, Developer

    “If you honor growth, you will consistently do what is best for all kids.” – Linda Foote

Substitute Teachers
We are currently looking for Substitute Teachers for our district. You must have at least 64 college credit hours and a minimum of 2.5 GPA. If you or someone you know are interested please apply here https://frankfort.tedk12.com/hire/ViewJob.aspx?JobID=17.

School Bus Drivers Needed
FISD is in need of qualified bus drivers. Please view our district website for employment opportunities or contact our HR department for more information. Bus driver pay is very competitive!

Frankfort High Panther

The purpose of this PROJECT is to dream, plan, and build an original creation of an automobile that will be called the FHS Panther in honor of our school’s mascot.  During the process, students will master and certify in Solidworks programs, develop an understanding of automobile manufacturing and systems integration, chassis and suspension design, automotive power plant design and assembly, auto body work and paint, and prototyping processes.  The students will address the software creation of the automobile and test the design with the help of CAD components and use that plan to shop for financial backers during year one of the project.  Year two of the project will consist of the physical construction of the automobile.

Check out these links for more details:  

– See more at: http://www.frankfort.k12.ky.us/protected/ArticleView.aspx?iid=533BII&dasi=4GBA0#sthash.jxcSGfmk.dpuf

Raspberry Pi’s for Computer Science

 We are a small school district with limited funding and approximately 70% of our student body is comprised of free or reduced lunch. We are trying to build a computer science program in our school. In order to increase interest we are looking at ways to increase project based learning on a small budget. One way to do this is by using Raspberry Pi’s. They are approximately $70 each but are worth significantly more in terms of education. A 21st Century education for our students begins with an interest and grows with the ability to experience it firsthand. Being able to learn and experience what technology can do through one’s own exploration is much more powerful in sparking interest and growing it than learning through someone else’s perspective. 

– See more at: http://www.frankfort.k12.ky.us/protected/ArticleView.aspx?iid=53Y2AB&dasi=4GBA0#sthash.6MfDbfmm.dpuf

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