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Footsteps2Brillaince® aims to improve kindergarten readiness and state test scores.

FIS Footsteps2Brilliance

(March 22, 2016 – Frankfort, KY)  Reading is the foundation of all learning, and today Frankfort Independent Schools gave Frankfort families the building blocks for academic success. Superintendent Houston Barber unveiled the Footsteps2Brilliance® app, a digital literacy solution designed to help children become proficient readers.

Footsteps2Brilliance® offers English and Spanish reading materials for Pre-K through third grade students.  Books are audible and illustrations are interactive; games test memory and reading comprehension; and, learners can build their own digital book. Its innovative mobile technology platform keeps families fully engaged in their child’s learning from any mobile device (Apple, Android, Kindle Fire) or traditional computer. Teachers in all Second Street School classes can track student progress through the application in order to tailor instruction to their individual needs.

“We’re facing an emergency as a community when it comes to reading proficiency and kindergarten preparedness,” said Barber. “Footsteps2Brillaince® puts the power in the hands of families across Frankfort as we all work together to create a pathway to prosperity for our children.”

Frankfort Independent Schools purchased a license allowing access to the app throughout Frankfort for free. This enables the district, for the first time ever, to leverage the mobile devices that parents already own to create Model Innovation CitiesTM.

“They say it takes a village to raise a child,” said Mayor William May, in support of the effort. “Parents, teachers, business and community leaders…we share the responsibility of creating a better economic future for Frankfort.  I applaud Dr. Barber’s innovation and encourage every member of our village to get connected to this movement.”

Kentucky Department of Education data shows 48% of incoming Frankfort Independent School kindergartners are arriving unprepared.  According to 2014-15 Unbridled K-PREP test results, 71.5% FIS third graders are scoring Novice or Apprentice in Reading, meaning they are not on grade level.

Studies shows that students not on level by third grade fall exponentially behind other students throughout their school careers.

Teachers urge parents to join them for a parent-training session on Thursday, March 24 at 5:30 PM at Frankfort High School, 328 Shelby Street. Parents/guardians will learn important information about app and specifics on how it is being used in their child’s classroom.

For more information about the app, visit www.footsteps2brilliance.com. To learn more about Frankfort Independent Schools, log onto www.frankfort.k12.ky.us.