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Once again, Kentucky State University hosted Operation Preparation at it’s campus on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  In all actuality, KSU hosted 2,500 students from several counties over the last couple of weeks, including from Frankfort Independent and Franklin, Henry, Owen and Anderson counties, for Operation Preparation.  Volunteer advisers shared tips about college and career options with 8th and 10th graders in their area of expertise.

Operation Preparation is a statewide initiative that gives eighth and tenth-grade students in Kentucky an opportunity to meet with a volunteer adviser to focus on their career plans and preparation.  The initiative depended on dozens of volunteer advisers per session each day for five days in all areas including agriculture, health science, arts/humanities, military and law careers. Community leaders donate their time and expertise for this program.  This was organized through KSU, Franklin County Schools and the Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce.

If your 8th or 10th grader participated in Operation Preparation 2016, please initiate a dialog with them about their future plans past high school.  There are programs and scholarships available to all students wishing to further their education.

Day 1 – The 8th Graders

Day 2 – The 10th Graders