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On a frigid Saturday morning, hundreds of volunteers showed up on the campus at Kentucky State University to plant over 2,000 trees for this year’s ReForest Frankfort. Boy Scout Troops, school groups, civic groups, businesses and even families attended the annual event to honor Arbor Day, which occurs later this month.  Dozens of vendors also set up to promote a healthy environment and green space for Frankfort.  With an early morning 4K race, information and activities for the kids, music, a free lunch, and lots of work getting done, it was a day for the community to come together and celebrate volunteerism and honor the space in which we occupy.

About ReForest Frankfort

ReForest Frankfort is sponsored by the City of Frankfort and a number of other local and State organizations. The event takes place in announced locations each year from 9 am – 2 pm.

The event is held on the first Saturday in April, which is designated Frankfort’s Arbor Day.  Various locations are chosen each year.

The event highlights are the free tree give-away, information booths, local music, and other fun activities for kids and adults. The 5th Grade Poster Contest winners are announced; Soil Conservation’s Big Tree Contest Winners are presented. Doorprizes, free food, t-shirts and other handouts are always a treat for the attendees.