2016 Pro.Active for Life 5K

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Presented by Pro.Active Therapy

4.22.16 @ 6:30 p.m.
Downtown Frankfort

Race Packet Pick Up & Late Registration Info:

Thursday, April 21
3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m

Friday, April 22
8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

McClure Building*
306 St. Clair St.

http://www.mapmyrun.com/ routes/view/403215570

Award Ceremony & Door Prize Drawings:

Old Capitol Lawn around 7:45 p.m.
Be sure to put your name in the “hat” for our 10th Anniversary Door Prize Drawings (some before awards, some after and must be present to win).

*Same location as last year.


ONLINE REGISTRATION is open through midnight, 4/20 (Wednesday):

www.runsignup.com/Race/KY/ Frankfort/ProActiveforLife5K

Paper registration forms

Pro.Active Therapy Clinic, 1004 Leawood Dr


For day to day news and pictures of past year’s races, check out our Facebook pages.

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A Few Tips for this Week:
With the Pro.Active for Life 5K this Friday, here are some of my top suggestions for you to be in top shape comeFriday evening.  Don’t fret; you’re hopefully already doing most of them!

·         Make a conscience effort to visualize your week ahead, a week in which you will actually 1) see yourself making healthy choices, 2) decide how to go about it, and 3) take action.
·         Write it down…..as a visual reminder and a concrete action that increases the likelihood of you following through.
·         Do you need to hit the grocery store? If so, make a list  of foods that have corresponded to your “good” running days, and stick with similar foods and your list!
·         Pick out your favorite running clothes to wear forFriday evening….as Terry Foody says, “Your Fast Clothes!”
Decide when you’ll be headed to Packet Pickup…come early (especially if you live in Frankfort) to minimize the rush (Don’t forget the Butterfly presentation & Healthy Earth/Healthy Body Expo also)
·         Wear clothing that you have worn, i.e. a race isn’t the place to try out new running socks or shoes, but ones you’ve”broken in”

Sufficient Rest: 
·         Attempt to get to bed a little earlier as many times as you can this week, especially if you are one of the chronically sleep deprived individuals in this world!
·         Take Thursday off from training (or just walk, not run).
·         Don’t start any new form of exercises this week, unless it’s  stretching!)
Fuel Your Body Well:
·         Hydrate sufficiently, every day.  Limit sodas (carbonated). Drink healthier drinks – milk, fruit smoothies/juice, water, and teas.
·         Think color and substance – a “rainbow” of fruits/veggies, eaten throughout the day
·         “Carb Load”….not mounds and mounds of pasta (although pasta is okay to have – try cooking al dente, but more whole grain cereals/oatmeal, breads, fruits and veggies.  Make it a point to eat some of the above with each meal/snack
·         Eat small meals (3-4) with variety at each one
·         Limit your saturated fats;  eat lean meats (chicken, fish, pork) or opt for non-meat forms of protein (beans/legumes)
·         Don’t cut back on calories this week (but don’t increase them either….)
·         Unless you are already a diehard runner, going way beyond the 5K distance in your training, here is what you should do this week exercise wise:
·                 Today:  Easy 20-30 minute run, walk or jog.
·                 Tuesday:  3 mile run (or if you are a walker, a 3 mile walk)
·                 Wednesday:  Easy 20-30 minute run, walk or jog.
·                 Thursday: Rest day
·                 FRIDAY:  PRO.ACTIVE FOR LIFE 5K
Other Training Tips for this week:
·         If you have any aches/pains, take tender loving care of them this week!  Ice after exercise and 3-4 extra times during the day.  Follow your physical therapist’s instructions if you should be doing some stretching.
·         Stretching:  Try to do a little more this week than you normally do.  Your “race pace” will end up probably being faster than what you’ve done on your on (there are a lot of factors playing into that, and it’s a good thing!)  But diligently stretching this week will make things go betterFriday evening.
·         If you have the opportunity, try out the race course, so you can mentally prepare yourself for the tough spots (Capital Ave. hill!)

·         Deep breathing (3-4 deep breaths, inhale fully, exhale fully) a couple of times a day.  Repeat your running mantra (“I AM A RUNNER” or “I CAN DO THIS”) or something else that is a positive affirmation of your preparation for this 5K.
·         Let go of any thoughts about what you did or didn’t ideally do in preparation for the 5K.  NO ONE trains perfectly!  I really think for the most part, we all do the best we can, and will improve as we are able.
·         Remember, especially if you are a First Timer, that there are over many other first timers in this race. Whether you are first or last coming in, we will be cheering you on until you cross that finish line!
·         Do not compare yourself to anyone else.  This is your achievement, and everyone has both different biological gifts and amounts of time to put into preparation.
·         Try to think of 10 things everyday for which you are grateful.  (I’d suggest doing this also when you are running up the hill!)

In closing, you are each uniquely made, with special God given gifts and talents.  You may be the “slowest kid on the block”…but you are doing something PRO.ACTIVE for your health, and there is no doubt in my mind that each of you will finish strong on Friday evening!

By the way, when it gets tough out on the race course, consider our charities and the people who benefit from them being in our community.  Your participation in the 5K is playing a part in helping students be able to play sports and families to be given assistance!

Our Beneficiaries:

WWP is on a mission to make sure every student athlete that wishes to participate in high school varsity sports has that opportunity and is not held back by escalating participation costs.  They provide financial assistance to students at all three Franklin County high schools through fundraisers, donations & business sponsorships.  For more info, visit their website –wewannaplay.org
United Way of Franklin County 
The United Way and its 18 partner agencies work to engage citizens to GIVE, ADVOCATE, & VOLUNTEER. Together, they make available the three basic building blocks of a successful life:  Education – helping children achieve their potential, Income – promoting financial stability and independence & Health – improving physical health and well being.  For a list of the partner agencies or more information:  www.unitedwayfranklincounty. org