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It’s been over 40 years since the Glen Willis House on Wilkinson Blvd. was saved from a fate that so many other historical homes and buildings around Franklin County have fallen prey to – time.  Over 80 percent of the buildings that were on the Sanborn Maps (now on display in the Capital City Museum) are now gone. For whatever reason, time, neglect, in the name of “progress”, these buildings, a part of Frankfort’s rich history, no longer exist.  All that remain of some of these treasures, if one is lucky, are historical photographs or documentation archived in the local museum or the Kentucky Historical Society. The Glen Willis was on it’s way to becoming one of those statistics.  Today, she stands proudly and provides a stunning backdrop for a bride’s special day, a perfect intimate setting for a business meeting, or a lunchtime stop for the motor coach industry during Buffalo Trace’s Oaks Day Festival this year.

On Friday, while Buffalo Trace Distillery was hosting a record number 2,273 visitors at their annual Oaks Day Festival, Terri’s Catering at the Glen Willis hosted over 300 people on several of those motor coaches with a perfect lunch at an even more perfect venue! The crack staff that Theresa Sullivan, owner of Terri’s Catering and the beautiful Glen Willis, had hosting those 300 guests, treated them to barbecue, potato salad, green beans, and sweet treats of a variety of cheesecake deserts and chocolate chip cookies.  Lemonade and tea were served with the meal, while a fully staffed cash bar and live music was provided by Mark Greenwell. These tourists from around the world were treated to Frankfort hospitality, some of the commonwealth’s best scenery along the Kentucky River, a piece of history in the form of a 200-year old home, and an unforgettable experience.

Back in her day 200 years ago, the Glen Willis greeted those traveling the highway of the time, the Kentucky River.  That’s why the back porch is so beautiful! That’s what people saw as they came down the river. Sadly, in 1974, the Glen Willis had fallen into such complete disrepair, that is was on the verge of being condemned and destroyed, and had to be the first “rescue” of then newly formed Franklin County Trust for Historic Preservation. Through their efforts, love, dedication, hard work, and lots of fund raising, she survived. Today, she stands proudly once again to welcome visitors and locals alike traveling Wilkinson Blvd. She once again allows people to roam the beautiful grounds that Terri and her staff continue to improve upon.

They have installed a full kitchen back into the “old girl” and will begin serving lunches soon to the general public Tuesday – Thursday.  A limited menu will be available to start.  But this will surely be THE PLACE to come for lunch on the Kentucky River in the near future.  Be on the lookout on their Facebook Page for more details.