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It came down in February as the “Read Like a Rock Star” challenge.  But it began in March with a family literacy kick-off night.  It inspired and encouraged a school full of children to read over 10,000 books within a few short months.  It ended with another evening of family fun and and educators keeping a promise to their kids – by sleeping overnight on the roof of their school!

The students at Second Street School were challenged to read 10,000 books by May 20th.  If they reached or exceeded their goal, Principal Harris and Assistant Principal Adams, along with a teach the students voted for, promised to sleep on TOP of the school overnight.  Frankfort Independent School Superintendent, Dr. Houston Barber, also pledged to join the other educators.

They kept logs of their reading over the past few months.  Teachers, students and family members were encouraged to keep their own logs.  In the end, the students reached their goal. And, after an evening of family fun down at the Ewing Street Gym, several students escorted the three educators, who were also joined by teacher, Ms. Starkey, to camp out on the roof of Second Street School.

Not exactly an ideal evening to camp out anywhere let alone a school roof, the cool & dreary, overcast skies threatened to rain on the group.  But they vowed to stay the entire night.  Their students kept a promise to them.  They, in turn, keeping a promise to the students.  Kudos to those educators, the leaders of our kids’ futures.  And only Capital Living joined them up on the roof for one of the best views of Frankfort!