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They represented all faiths. They came in all shapes and sizes. They came in all shades. They were every age. They were from every level of police force. They wore brown, grey, and black – representatives of our first responders. They were civil servants, city, county, and state leaders. They braved the blistering summer heat to gather and show support of a community that has been divided by the circumstances of the world we live in. And they marched down Capital Avenue to the steps of the State Capitol to show support for our men and women who wear a badge and put their lives on the line every day.

The city commissioners decided a couple weeks ago to contact local church leaders and ask them to gather and show support for those first responders – those who run toward the danger. They met on Capital Avenue on Thursday evening and marched – a March for Unity. A couple hundred citizens did just that.

Ministers, pastors, clergy, and priests came together in one voice to speak for and pray for peace. No matter what faith you belong to, they made it clear that we are all of one humanity and the violence must end. Every speech was on point.  Every view had truth to it. Every person there gathered for the same reason – peace.

No matter where you stand on the issues we struggle with daily to deal with, they made it clear that all lives matter no matter who you are. And, if we accept each other and love one another for who we are, then we can get through the chaos and turmoil rippling across our country.