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A Special Article By April Cole

After writing about the incredible act of kindness from an anonymous citizen last week (read Anonymous Citizen Pays It Forward for Single Mom and Teen Daughter), the kindness of this “stranger-no-more” continues to amaze me.

I met Miss P. in the line at Wal-mart last week. She did not know me. And I certainly did not know her. But after she stepped in to pay for my daughter’s school supplies, we know each other a whole lot better now! You see, after Miss P. made my daughter’s day last week, I told her who I was and explained what I do with Capital Living. I think she saw the genuine gratitude and loss for words (at the time) at her actions. She asked when my daughter was returning to school and I told her she had just over a week of summer left. At that time, she decided that she would “one up” her generosity.

Let’s just say that Miss P. has lived another life as a business owner and had business connections from this affiliation. She offered to pay for my daughter to go to Salon 502 and get a cut and color on her hair before school! My daughter was overcome with emotion with this then stranger.

Well, we traded information and stayed in contact over the last week. Miss P. really knows how to set things in motion. She’s truly a woman after my own heart!!! She called me and gave me the contact information as well as contacting the salon. We set up an appointment with Sandy to get my girl’s hair cut and colored.

Yesterday was my girl’s appointment with Sandy at Salon 502. Upon our arrival, we met Missy, the owner of the salon, who is a nail technician by trade, and was working on another client. My daughter saw this and even said, “Mom, it would be nice if I could one day get my nails done here”. Only a few minutes after she made that statement, Missy broke away from her client and personally introduced herself to us and told my daughter, “Miss P. called ahead. And, while you’re here today, she also wants you to have a manicure and pedicure on her”. Although I knew about this ahead of time from talking to Miss P., I held this information to myself and let her be told at the salon. Once again, my daughter was overwhelmed with emotion. And it was beautiful to see.

Sandy was my girl’s hair stylist. She did a great job with her hair after her 8th grade year of multiple colors and styles! Her hair is more of her natural color with a few blond highlights in her bangs (the girl LOVES her bangs). Then the hair was trimmed and shaped. The leftover “green/yellow/blond phase” my daughter went through last school year became dirty blond highlights for this year. Sandy did a fabulous job!

And then we got to spend time with Felicia, my girl’s nail technician. She made my girl feel so special. Since my daughter and I don’t “splurge” like this on ourselves, neither one of us realized how being a nail technician is also about being an artist. Felicia and my daughter, also a budding artist, collaborated on the nails and how she wanted them to look. They both had fun with it!

Three and a half hours later, I had a brand new, extremely happy teenager ready to take on the new world of high school on Monday morning. Anyone who has a teenage daughter or who has raised one, KNOWS how difficult that is to do!

Miss P. actually called me last night to see how my daughter was doing after her visit to the salon. I put my girl on the phone, where she proceeded to genuinely THANK this woman who we had not known only a week before. Miss P. saw something special in my daughter. Something I see daily, yet it is hard to get her to see. Adults who come in contact with my daughter say the same thing about her. Sadly, as a teenager, she does not see that in herself what a perfect stranger did in a few short minutes with her.

Miss P. is a very special person. She is a selfless individual who knows how to get things done.  She is kind and generous. She is sincere and humble. She is good and noble. She embodies what is good about living in Frankfort. I’ve come across many people like her living in this small town capital city. Yet, I’ve never met anyone like her before. I truly believe that she is one of those angels walking among us.

My sincere thanks to Miss P., who I now consider another friend, and the wonderful ladies at Salon 502 – Missy, Sandy, and Felicia, for making my girl look and feel like a princess yesterday. As a member of the Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce myself, it was a pleasure to patron another Chamber member and get the level of service that is held in high regard. You made us both feel welcomed and cared for during our time there. We will be back! And I would highly recommend others to utilize your services as well. Thanks again!






Hair – BEFORE Salon 502 Visit


Hair – AFTER Salon 502 Visit


Nails – BEFORE Salon 502 Visit


Nails – AFTER Salon 502 Visit

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