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Eighteen teams competed in the 7th Annual Spellapalooza at Thorn Hill Education Center on Friday evening. The annual spelling bee is a fundraiser for the center – complete with live and silent auction, sponsored teams, and even chances to buy opportunities to ask the expert or for for another word. There was even a People’s Choice team and a costume contest for best dressed team. The over all winner of the event was the Bridgeport Christian Church Iron Mikes team, with members Ted Sloan, Laura Begin and Nick Perkins. The team took it’s name in remembrance of Mike Rosenstein, former executive director of Thorn Hill who passed away last August. It needs to be noted that the only team with minors on the team was the Stingers team, featuring Kids Grow Kentucky founder Ed Counsill, Katie Cole, and Adonai Bebe. Some fun and creative team costumes included Bob Ross and The Happy Little Trees, comprised of Jennifer Zing, Robin Antenucci, and Andrea Mueller; The Kentucky DerBees, The Biker Bees, and the Susan “Bee” Anthonys.