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FRANKFORT — Transformation is well underway at Kentucky State University (KSU), and enrollment numbers indicate the process is working.

Enrollment is up 109 students from the 2015 fall semester, putting total enrollment as of September 15 at 1694 this semester. The 6.9 percent increase is the first boost in fall enrollment at KSU since 2013.

Interim President Dr. Aaron Thompson credits the diligence and hard work with P-12 partners, transfer partners and institutions that have closed to provide an innovative and seamless transition to the University.

“We worked very hard in instilling the richness of our academic programs,” Thompson said. “We offered book scholarships to all of our students. We used our other scholarships in proactive ways to attract and keep students.”

While total enrollment has increased, the freshman class also enters the University more academically prepared than previous classes.

The average high school GPA for the fall 2016 incoming class grew to nearly 3.1 while the average ACT score held steady from last fall at 19. The average GPA of incoming freshmen is up from 2.7 in fall 2013, 2.8 in 2014 and 3.0 in 2015.

The incoming class has shown growth in all areas: first-time freshmen (7.5 percent), transfer students (49.6 percent), graduate students (16 percent), dual credit students (84.8 percent) and part-time students (41.2 percent).

“The staff and faculty of Kentucky State have dedicated themselves to helping our current students, as well as our potential students, feel that this a home that they can enjoy living and studying in to become an active 21st century citizen,” Thompson said. “I credit our wonderful faculty and staff for their hard work in making our students feel special.”


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