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A Special Article by April Cole, Capital Living Owner/Photographer

I took a drive down to Western Kentucky University’s School of Photojournalism & Broadcasting this past March, and I found something something that amazed me.  I met with Tim Broekema, one of the photojournalism professors and the man responsible for the WKUPJ Gallery, which proudly displayed the annual Mountain Workshops body of work on Frankfort from October 2015 (Read about it on Capital Living HERE).  That show was entitled Frankfort: The Land Between.  It’s an wondrous look into the lives of the heartbeat of this city and county – the people.

As a resident of Frankfort or Franklin County, as I walked into the gallery, there was a certain sense of pride. I proceeded around the gallery and saw familiar faces and some not so familiar.  Mayor Bill May is on display there, doing something mundane like adjusting his tie before work. It’s an act so simple and profound at the same time. He’s a resident just like me. And he heads up our commonwealth’s capital city too. Freddie Johnson, third generation Buffalo Trace employee, is subtly there – his hands – as he shows a tour group his “waking the dog” trick with their White Dog product.  As a tour guide, that man is just as much a part of Buffalo Trace history as the buildings themselves.  And he’s also a proud Frankfort resident. Then, there are the faces you don’t know, have never met, and will probably never meet. They live in their own world in within the community – the farmers, the teachers, the students tween to teens, the business owners, the artists. They all have unique stories and make up the fabric of this community. Without them making a difference in our small part of the world, Frankfort would just be a place on a map that no one comes to except to perform state government business.

If the truth be really known about Frankfort, although this historic city with the beautiful topography make is visually appealing to visit, it’s the people – it’s heartbeat – that impress outsiders the most!  We all make a difference in the way visitors from across the commonwealth and around the world perceive Frankfort and Franklin County.  Our honesty and our hospitality make them want to come back! Some, like myself, come to stay and live.

You have a unique opportunity to visit a special exhibit of Frankfort: The Land Between this Friday at the Grand Theatre during the November ArtWalk from 5 to 9 pm. This exhibition features forty photographs and several videos selected from the work of the journalism students who visited Frankfort during October 2015. They recorded the people, places, activities, and yes, even our animals, that make our community unique. A book based on this work and including many other photographs and interviews will be available for sale during this event on November 18th. Don’t miss this opportunity to see your friends, your neighbors, your community leaders, in a light like you’ve never seen them before!

For more information about this project and the Mountain Workshops, visit http://www.mountainworkshops.org/.

Visit this event on Facebook HERE