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FRANKFORT — Kentucky State University (KSU) is excited to launch its data-rich talent management software suite Taleo, which will allow the University to more efficiently recruit, develop and retain its highly skilled employees. This interactive software which includes the recruitment marketing and employee referral programs will put KSU at the forefront of technology with other industry leaders. The Taleo software plays an integral role in the University’s Office of Human Resources, says Human Resources Manager Devon Peterika.

“One of the greatest benefits in utilizing Taleo is that we will have more efficient processes,” she said. “We’ll be able to get candidates through faster and assess their qualifications much faster than what we were able to do before. Also, we will be able to find the best fit for the positions that we have (at the University).”

Previously, the candidates would email their resumes, and it would take an individual to go in and assess their qualifications – one email at a time. Taleo’s Candidate Management system will allow the office to develop concise interview questions and become more selective to identify the top 5 percent.

“This will assure us that we are hiring the best person for the job,” Peterika said. “We will tailor the questions based on the requirements of the position.”

Taleo will reinvent the way the HR team manages applicants and new hires, said KSU Chief Information Officer Wendy Dixie. Candidates can now apply online by uploading their resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Once the candidate has applied for a position at KSU, they will receive automated email responses, which will improve communications, she said.

“Interview management and offer management will improve the applicant and new hire experience,” Dixie said. “The offer letters will be sent electronically, and the candidates will be able to sign electronically, which will reduce paper.”

Onboarding forms can be signed electronically, which will improve efficiency and productivity.

The Office of Human Resources is currently using the software on http://kysu.edu/administration-governance/finance-business/human-resources/employment/. Hiring managers will be able to access this interactive system once training has been conducted in early February. 


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