KSU Jackson Hall LogoKentucky State University (KSU) is one of the most diverse institutions in the Commonwealth. Our students, staff, and faculty come from around the globe, and from many walks of life, creeds, and perspectives. We celebrate and value this diversity. This diversity helps to strengthen us and shapes our global and domestic perspectives. In addition, we learn more from people who are different from us than we do from those who are similar to us.  It is this kind of enriching, welcoming environment that allows us to grow and embrace academic talent.

As an HBCU (Historically Black College and University) and a member of the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU), we are committed to “accessible, affordable and quality public higher education for all students.”

The University’s Ethical Conduct states: “We encourage the sharing of information in an open and responsible manner while maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards. The standards are reflected in our commitment to accountability and personal responsibility for our choices and actions. We encourage respect for the dignity, diversity, and rights of individuals. We welcome all students who commit themselves to learning, knowing that students and faculty with diverse perspective enhance our classroom experience.”

I am committed to our institution’s transformation. We are making strides with all of our community partners to support, retain and recruit high-achieving students from around the world. Our academic programs are world-renowned and attract the best.

As a result, we are closely monitoring the immigration issues and policies which could impact the KSU family. We are dedicated to and will continue to work to support our international faculty, staff, and students and will provide updated information and assistance when situations warrant.





Aaron Thompson, Ph.D.

Interim President