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Frankfort, KY – Liberty Hall Historic Site announces the sale of a very special hand-cut and polished crystal bottle of O.F.C bourbon for the remarkable price of $8,500.  The prized bottle was number 1 of 50 bottles produced in 1982.  It was donated to the Site by Buffalo Trace Distillery as part of a nationwide charitable contribution.  Several other Frankfort non-profits received bottles as well but Liberty Hall was the only local non-profit to receive the rarest-of-the-rare 1982 bottle.  Others received 1980 bottles, of which there were only 100.  Each vintage has a story to tell indeed, stated Kris Comstock from Buffalo Trace Distillery.  “To offer this first release to charitable organizations for their fundraising efforts makes this even more rewarding.” Liberty Hall Marketing Specialist, Chris Harp, says

Buffalo Trace Distillery does an immeasurable amount of good for the local community and its non-profits, as well as across the country. We are grateful for this ongoing generosity.

Liberty Hall staff will use the proceeds from its auction to help carry out the education and preservation mission of the Site, with funds contributing to total donations raised at the April 22 “Bourbon & Browns” annual fundraiser co-chaired by Crit and Lynn Luallen. Crit’s family has ties to the bourbon industry through Colonel E. H. Taylor and she claims two former Kentucky Governors among her ancestors. She is named for Governor John J. Crittenden, whose original home stands a block from Liberty Hall.

Liberty Hall Executive Director, Julienne Foster commented on the sale, “The rules of the bourbon award from Buffalo Trace were pretty simple—turn the bottle into as much cash as possible by auction, raffle, or event and to do it by the beginning of March.  Marketing Specialist Chris Harp and I decided that our best bet would be to conduct an international auction via an established auction house.  Skinner Auctioneers of the esteemed New York Company returned our calls immediately.  Auctioneer Joe Hyman offered to waive the usual buyer’s and seller’s fees because the auction was for charity.  Foster said, “He drove down to retrieve the bottle, which we had kept in our vault, and we hit it off with him right away. His enthusiasm for Kentucky’s bourbon industry is contagious.”

The good “spirits” between Skinner and Liberty Hall will culminate on Saturday, April 22 when Joe returns to Frankfort along with several other auctioneers to hold the Site’s “What’s it Worth” event (9 a.m. -12 p.m.) and “Bourbon & Brown’s” fundraiser (6:30 p.m.).  As one of the world’s leading whisky experts, Joe will be on hand at both events to evaluate rare spirits and share his knowledge of bourbon.

For more information of “What’s it Worth” or “Bourbon & Browns” visit www.libertyhall.org, or call (502) 227-2560.