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With the rise in popularity worldwide in bourbon and other distilled spirits, it shouldn’t be a surprise that, even though the weather was uncooperative, the Oaks Day Festival at Buffalo Trace Distillery is gaining popularity. They came in by the busloads on Friday. As hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to Kentucky for the Derby festivities, they also explore the bourbon and spirits industry. Buffalo Trace has entertained hundreds of people a day on their various tours for years. There is so much rich history in the area, in the industry, that we all continue to learn from that additional knowledge that no two tours are alike. During their Oaks Day Festival, they entertained over 2,000 people. Although they have enjoyed those sorts of numbers before in the past during this event, the weather only slightly impacted them. Proving that this business of bourbon tourism continues to grow for them and the Frankfort community.

Although the Oaks Day Festival is set up to receive visitors from around the world, locals are invited to attend and enjoy the festivities. Bluegrass music by No Tools Loaned is always the preferred entertainment. While burgoo, bourbon coffee, and bourbon ice cream are offered, one of the newest additions to the lineup of vendor tents was the “Bourbon Archeologist”, Nicolas Laracuente, who delighted guests with an impromptu visit to the back property where the “Bourbon Pompeii” is housed. The old 1873 distillery was recently unearthed, and will soon be a regular tour for Buffalo Trace. Once again proving that they are committed to expanding in the industry while preserving and paying tribute to the past.