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FRANKFORT, KY – Capital Cellars hosts Bill Samuels, Jr., Chairman Emeritus of Makers Mark Distillery, to celebrate the release of our own blend of Makers Mark Private Select, Capital Cellars 2017 Blend, on June 26th, 2017 from 6:00-8:00PM.

Capital Cellars is proud to be a part of a pilot program with Makers Mark where select businesses, individuals, and organizations are invited to create their own version of Makers Mark by selecting a combination of ten different barrel staves. Rachael Peake, proprietor of Capital Cellars, worked with the staff and distillers at Makers Mark to select a unique combination of finishing staves to add to the cask strength bourbon.

Peake chose: 1 stave of Baked American Pure, 2 Staves of Stave #4 Seared French Cuveé, 1 Stave of Makers 46 Stave, and 4 staves of Roasted French Mocha. According to Makers Mark, there are ten finishing staves, giving the Makers Mark a possible 1,001 expressions of Private Select.

The Capital Cellars 2017 Select was then aged in Makers Mark’s limestone cellars for finishing.

The aging process has now finished and we are now pleased to announce that Bill Samuels., Jr will be our special guest as we deliver our pre-sold bottles to customers and bourbon aficionados in the region. Bill Samuels, Jr., as President of Maker’s Mark, took a little-known regional bourbon and made it one of the world’s most well-known and popular brands.

Capital Cellars has hosted notable bourbon figures, like master distillers Elmer T. Lee (Buffalo Trace), Harlan Wheatley (Buffalo Trace), Brent Elliot (Four Roses), Chris Morris (Woodford Reserve), and bourbon personalities like Michael Veach and Chuck Cowdery.

Bottles of the Makers Mark Private Select Capital Cellars 2017 blend bourbon will be available for pre-sell on Capital Cellars’ website, www.capitalcellars.com/makers. Bottles will be sold at $74.99.

Customers will be able to pick up their bottles at the June 26th event. Samuels will be on hand to sign bottles if customers would like their bottle signed.

About Capital Cellars
Capital Cellars is downtown Frankfort Kentucky’s wine, bourbon, and beer market and café. We boast a collection of over 700 curated bottles of wines, 100s of bottles of bourbon behind our bar and on our shelves, as well as a unique selection of beers from microbreweries around Kentucky. Owned and operated by Rachael Peake, we have been serving customers for over ten years.