6:30 PM, Wed., June 28, United Bank, 125 W. Main

Together Frankfort’s Study of Money in Politics – Some Options to Get it Out!

Together Frankfort, a local citizens’ network, invites everyone to George Schuhmann’s presentation on options to address hidden money in politics, 6:30 PM, Wednesday, June 28, United Bank community room, 125 W Main, Frankfort. Since 2014, Schuhmann has served on the national League of Women Voters’ committee on Money in Politics. The upcoming event builds on Together Frankfort’s May 23 gathering at Paul Sawyier Public Library, in which more than 50 participants discussed author Jane Mayer’s best seller, Dark Money.

During Together Frankfort’s May meeting, moderated by author and former State Poet Laureate, Richard Taylor, participants shared reactions to the book’s revelations. Mayer’s book discusses the complex networks of tax exempt organizations through which a handful of America’s wealthiest individuals funnel money to influence elections and legislation that benefit their businesses and protect their wealth.

The book’s revelations inspired some pronouncements that the republic has already been lost to the billionaires. Other said that citizens must continue to fight for common people to control this representative democracy. Many attendees emphasized that Mayer has produced a stunning exposé of the vast and hidden structure of political influence that exists outside of the political parties and beyond the view of voters.

Many said they were overwhelmed by the extent of the network that reaches into universities and organizations of all political persuasions where billionaire funded “think tanks” churn out studies, model legislation, and arguments for economic and social policy that maintain the wealth of the richest among us.

The book discussion is one event in a summer study series on hidden money in politics sponsored by Together Frankfort, a non-partisan group working to promote citizen engagement and integrity in politics.  For more information about Together Frankfort’s Summer Study on the Influence of Money in Politics, contact Mary Lynn Collins, ph. 502-319-5509, email marylynn41@hotmail.com, or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Together.Frankfort/