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Together Frankfort Invites the Community to Money in Politics, The Citizens United Decision – What Do We Do Now?”

 6:30 PMThursday, August 24, Community room, Downtown United Bank

(Frankfort KY; 18 Aug. 2017) Together Frankfort, a local civic engagement network, invites the community to “Money in Politics, The Citizens United Decision – What Do We Do Now?” at 6:30 PMThursday, August 24, Community room, 4th Floor, United Bank, 125 Main St., Frankfort.  Representatives from three national organizations – American Promise, Move to Amend, and Wolf-PAC, will describe their work for a U.S. constitutional amendment, to state that corporations are not people, to establish limits on campaign donations, and to require disclosure for contributions.

Speakers will discuss methods through which organizations and individuals can be involved in their work, should participants want to further explore any organization’s approach. Joy Arnold, Lexington and Central Kentucky Move to Amend Affiliate Chair, will discuss their work to end corporate rule and to build a democracy that is genuinely accountable to people, not corporate interests. A representative, to be announced, will describe American Promise’s approach, a cross-partisan, fifty-state campaign for the 28th Amendment so that people, not money, govern America. Kimberly Ishamael, Kentucky’s Wolf-PAC’s Organizing Director, will outline their constitutional amendment strategy. Wolf-PAC focuses on state legislators, urging passage of binding resolutions that call for an Article V Convention. The purpose of a called Article V convention, then, would be to propose an amendment dealing with campaign finance reform.

For more information about this event, contact Mary Lynn Collins, ph. 502-319-5509, email marylynn41@hotmail.com. For more information about Together Frankfort, contact Karen Armstrong-Cummings, ph. 502-330-9115, email togetherfrankfort2017@gmail.com, on the web, www.togetherfrankfort.org/, or find us on Facebook.