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Razing the Roof

The Orlando Brown House roof replacement has begun. Workers quickly removed the old roof and made significant repairs to the roof’s substructure. Some rain created a slight delay, but the house is under cover and safe from the elements. Installation of the new copper roof will begin next week. We wish to thank the Kentucky Heritage Council for their assistance over the last year with this project. The copper roof, although not original to the home, is period appropriate and will provide protection for the home and the collections stored here for the next century. 

History & Collections

French Plate

This hand-painted Christmas plate was likely owned by one of the Brown family women living at Liberty Hall in the late 19th century. They include: Mary Yoder Brown Scott, Eliza Baily, Margaretta Barret or Mary Mason Scott. It was made by Haviland and Company in France and dates to ca. 1876-1888. David Haviland, an American, founded the company and built a factory in Limoges, France in 1842 to produce porcelain for the American market. The Haviland Company is still in operation today. 

Programs & Events

December Tea

A few spaces remain for the holiday tea Friday, December 8 at The Orlando Brown House. The menu includes a cup of Buffalo Trace bourbon-laced eggnog upon arrival, followed by chicken-cranberry nut salad, benedictine finger sandwiches, savory scones, mini quiches ending with lemon bars and meringue kisses for dessert. Liberty Hall House Blend tea will also be served. Call (502) 227-2560 for reservations.

Did You Know?

Christmas Treats

Special foods and spirits have been associated with Christmas for centuries. Margaretta Brown’s recipes include one from 1812 for rum-laced eggnog and mincemeat pie flavored with brandy and wine. In an 1856 letter to his son at college, Orlando Brown described the family’s Christmas dinner and the foods in a Christmas box about to be sent – biscuits, cakes, pickles, and boiled ham.

Find Out More

To get more information on programs, events, or Liberty Hall Historic Site, please visit our website at www.libertyhall.org.