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The City of Frankfort has applied for a $7.9 million TIGER grant to transform the Second Street corridor to create economic growth, significantly improve conditions for students at Frankfort Independent, businesses along the corridor and the East Main and Capital Avenue intersection. The grant was submitted in November 2017 and it is currently under review at the Federal level. Currently staff are evaluating our proposals and making decisions on what should be recommended for funding. Now is a critical time for our voices to be heard in DC on the importance of this project for the capital city of Frankfort.

The Frankfort Area Chamber and Frankfort/Franklin County Public Policy Committee is asking for your to reach out to the congressional delegation with calls. Below are suggested talking points as you make these calls. The thrust of the message should be that the proposed TIGER improvements are important to businesses, will be transformative for the downtown, help to grow jobs in Kentucky, and align completely with DOT’s goal to support small town America. The ask should be for the congressional delegation to call Secretary Chao and urge DOT to fund the Frankfort proposal.

Frankfort TIGER Application to Improve Second Street Corridor Talking Points

Background for Chamber Members:

 On October 16, 2017, the City of Frankfort submitted a Transportation Investment
Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) application to the U.S. Department of
Transportation (DOT) to repair and improve the Second Street Corridor.
 The City seeks TIGER funds to:
o Better manage traffic on the Second Street Corridor by eliminating
underused travel lanes and reducing turning radii;
o Improve pedestrian and bicycle safety with wider sidewalks, shorter
crosswalks and bike lanes;
o Enhance streetscapes to encourage brownfields cleanup and mixed-use
o Improve connections between the state capitol building and downtown to
attract tourists and visitors to the Second Street commercial corridor; and
o Reduce stormwater runoff entering the drainage system to minimize impacts
on the Kentucky River.
 Request – $7,990,000.
 DOT will make decisions in Spring 2018.
 Political support from Senators McConnell and Paul, as well as Representative
Barr, is critical to Frankfort’s success.
Talking Points
 [YOUR ORGANIZATION] strongly supports Frankfort’s DOT TIGER
application to repair and improve the Second Street Corridor.
 TIGER dollars will help Frankfort improve safety, expand transportation choices,
reduce stormwater runoff, and boost economic development in a distressed
neighborhood separated from the downtown.
 The project is important to my business because [A FEW THOUGHTS ON HOW IT WILL HELP YOU GROW JOBS].
 Last year, DOT rated Frankfort’s TIGER application as “highly recommended,”
and it was on the short list of projects that DOT chose finalists from.
 The community is confident that this year’s application is stronger, and the project
completely aligns with DOT Secretary Chao’s emphasis on helping small
communities “improve infrastructure condition, address public health and safety,
promote regional connectivity, or facilitate economic growth or competitiveness.”
 I urge you to contact DOT Secretary Chao in support of Frankfort’s TIGER

Here is the contact information for the offices of each elected officials:

Senator Mitch McConnell, DC Office
Senator Rand Paul, DC Office
Congressman Andy Barr, DC Office
Thank you for your continued assistance in advocating for this important project.
The Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and Frankfort/Franklin County Public Policy Committee values your community support.