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The South Frankfort Neighborhood Association held its Quarterly meeting on Thursday at the South Frankfort Presbyterian Church. Capital Living utilized its Facebook social media platform to stream the hour and a half meeting LIVE for those not able to attend. It also gave some insight into the conversations that are taking place about “What does Frankfort do AFTER the state has handed over some 8 plus acres of ‘green space’ back to the city?” Two opportunities for residents to get in on the ground floor of this conversation will be held on Tuesday, February 27th, 5:30 pm at 109 West Main Street (T-boat Marina Building). And again on Wednesday, March 28th, at an “On The Table” event being held throughout the community. Each is explained in the video below.

During the initial opening of their meeting, it was announced that Bryant’s Pic Pac will remain open for the foreseeable future. In the three weeks since the community has rallied around Pic Pac to stay open, it is reported that they have sold over $500,000 in product, thus allowing them replenish their stock to meet the requests of the community. Additionally, the “Cash Mob” was a huge success. Giving Danny the biggest sales day on record in the entire 40 years he’s been in Frankfort. Some Frankfort residents who have since moved away, even returned to Bryant’s Pic Pac from over 3 hours away just to shop during that time! Pic Pac will be working with the Franklin County Farmer’s Market in the near future to provide locally grown products to the community. So be on the lookout for even fresher Kentucky Proud products to hit the shelves. Just remember to keep shopping there. (2:14-6:48)

The South Frankfort Neighborhood Association Board has been brainstorming about fundraising ideas for their Randy Bacon Memorial Scholarship Fund, a scholarship given out annually to a worthy high school recipient. Ideas and volunteers are being sought out to grow the fund to make available more than one scholarship recipient.(6:59-8:25)

Volunteers needed to head a committee or a group of volunteers to organize and orchestrate an event for the entire neighborhood, such as a neighborhood picnic. (8:25-9:15)

The neighborhood is eligible for several grants from the city grants program including Community Engagement and Neighborhood Beautification Grants. Trap Neuter Release program has applied for monies already to conduct operations throughout the neighborhood. Although the deadline is unsure, the grant monies are on a first come, first served basis only. (9:18-14:40)

Other neighborhood concerns were addressed with thee city manager and included street repairs on Capital Avenue and Lafayette. (14:40-21:50)

The “On the Table Event” being held on March 28th was discussed at length on what it is and how to register for the event. Simply put, it’s a community conversation for individuals and groups to discuss the future of Frankfort. Since most people are unlikely to attend a city council meeting to express their views and give input, this “simultaneous community conversation” can take place to gather information for our leaders. Your voice matters. Make it be heard! See the video segment from the meeting (21:50-29:26) and further information below.

Barry Alberts, a consultant from CityVisions Associates, spoke at length to the group and took questions from the audience. Some of them were very tough and are worth watching through. CityVisions Associates is the firm from Louisville tasked with helping Frankfort shape their future post “green space handover”. He will be part of the Community Conversation happening on Tuesday, February 27th (see below), as well as the On the Table event on Wednesday, March 28th. (29:40-1:23:29)

As Frankfort’s Downtown Master Plan begins, you are invited to join in a community conversation regarding downtown’s opportunities and challenges, its economic health, and the community’s aspirations for its future.

5:30 pm
Tuesday, February 27th
109 West Main Street (T-boat Marina Building)

Make plans to participate in “On the Table” on March 28, 2018. We need your input! Participants will gather for an hour or so over breakfast, lunch, dinner, a coffee break or any time in between to discuss how we can impact the future of Frankfort and Franklin County.