On Wednesday, the community of Frankfort and Franklin County left it all “On the Table”. From high school students to senior citizens, from the homeless to the young professionals, dozens of community groups, churches, and organizations hosted roundtable discussions about Franklin County. These conversations were designed to identify ways to make our community better and give direction post-Capital Plaza Complex demo.

One of the common themes that arose across the tables in the Franklin County community was the need for forward thinking leadership – as evident in the number of officials running in the May primaries.

Another theme that seemed to dominate conversations was the need for another convention space as well as the need to distance our community from state funded projects.

The participants were asked to fill out a survey. That information will be analyzed and utilized to better serve the residents of Franklin County and improve on the quality of life in our community.

This event was facilitated by the Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce, and hosted by the Franklin County Community Fund, an offshoot organization of the Blue Grass Community Foundation, who held a similar event last year in Fayette County and had over 11,000 participants.

Did you participate in Franklin County’s first “On the Table” discussion? Tell us about your experience.