Three Sazerac Aquavits awarded Medals in the 2018 San Francisco World Spirit Competition 

            Chicago, IL (July 12, 2018) Aalborg Taffel Aquavit received a Gold Medal at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC) where more than 2,469 spirits were judged  – the largest number of entries in 18 years.

The Gold Medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition is only given when the product is deemed exceptional and sets the standard for its category. This year, 49 proficient individuals who are well established in the spirits industry judged the competition.

A Silver Medals was awarded to Linie Lysholm Aquavit and Aalborg Jubilaeums Aquavit. Linie Aquavit has been produced in Norway using the same recipe since 1821. It is distilled from potatoes and then placed in a pot still with a blend of herbs and spices to develop into a fine clear aquavit. It’s then aged in oak sherry casks before what its’ know for, maturing at sea.

The Silver Medal winning Aalborg Jubilaeums has a distinct taste of caraway seeds with a subtle citrus taste at the finish. This spirit can be enjoyed as a digestif and can be served ice-cold, next to a beer, or in a Bloody Mary.

The Sazerac Company partnered with Arcus Gruppen in 2016 to act as the sole importer for Aalborg Taffel, Linie Lysholm and Aalborg Jubilaeums the United States.

Complete results for the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition can be found at http://sfspiritscomp.com/results/.

About Sazerac

Sazerac is one of America’s oldest family owned, privately held distillers with operations in the United States in Louisiana, Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia, Tennessee, Maine, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Maryland, California, and global operations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, India, Australia and Canada. For more information on Sazerac, please visit www.sazerac.com. 

About Arcus Gruppen        

ArcusGruppen is a leading Nordic player in the production, import and sale of wine and spirits. The group is represented in all the Nordic countries, with subsidiary companies in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. ArcusGruppen is the market leader for spirits in Norway and Denmark, for wines in Norway and the second largest for wine in Sweden. The group also has significant exports of spirits to markets outside the Nordic region, most importantly to Germany. Arcus-Gruppen is wholly owned by Arcus-Gruppen Holding AS. The principal owners of Arcus-Gruppen Holding are the Swedish investment company Ratos AB (83.5%) and Hoff SA (9.9%). The remainder of the shares are owned by individual members of the Group’s management and board. ArcusGruppen’s head office is at Gjelleråsen in Nittedal municipality just north of Oslo.