The world is in an unprecedented time, and the farmers market board and staff are working diligently to ensure the health and safety of our farmers and customers.  Thus, we will be having a pop-up market this Saturday but it will be PRE-ORDER ONLY!  The Market will function as a drive-thru, and you will not get out of your vehicle.  Walkers and bicycles, who placed pre-orders, are still welcome!  We’ll have a place for you to wait while we gather your orders.  Please read on for information.

WHEN: Sat., Apr. 4th; customers with last names beginning A-L will pick up orders from 10am-11am; customers with last names beginning M-Z will pick up orders from 11am-noon.  Market drive-thru will not be open until 10am to allow vendors the time to set-up.

WHERE: Farmers Market Pavilion at River View Park in Frankfort (corner of Wilkinson & Broadway)

WHY: The market board and staff are working hard to help the farmers market respond to the rapidly changing situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are committed to keeping everyone safe and healthy, connecting our community with local food, and supporting all our local producers.  Those commitments won’t change. 

HOW: ALL customers must pre-order, and pre-orders must be submitted to the farmers by NOON ON THURSDAY (Apr. 2).  Please see below for availability from our farmers and their contact info.  Some farmers have longer lists and you should be able to click the link to view them; they should also show up as attachments to the bottom of this email.  Please contact McKenzie (reply to this email) or call/text at (517)525-5740 if you have any issues with this.

You will come to the Market during your designated time to pick up your food.  Please stay in your vehicle and support our efforts to maintain social distancing.  If you have ordered from 4 or fewer vendors, we will have you drive around the market pavilion to pick up your orders.  If you have ordered from five or more vendors, please park in the parking lot and text Michelle at (270)799-5355 to let her know that you have arrived.  Text her your name and which vendors you ordered from, and we will gather your orders and deliver them to your car.  Please have separate payments for each vendor you ordered from.  

If you are shopping with SNAP, please call or text Michelle at (270)799-5355 (preferably before the market) and she will help with SNAP payments. 

What if I am not feeling well?
     Please stay home or send a friend if you are feeling sick.  We can work with you to arrange a delivery, but we need you stay home if you are sick.

How do I pay for my items?
     Please have payment ready for vendors upon arrival of your pick-up time.  EXACT CHANGE OR CHECK is required to minimize contact and keep the line moving efficiently.  Upon ordering with your vendors, they will let you know the amount you owe.  Some vendors accept credit cards and online payment, and will do this form of payment before the market day over the phone or online.  They will communicate directly with you about payment options when you place your order. 

Can I still pay with SNAP?  Will I still receive double dollars?
     Of course!  If you are shopping with SNAP, please call or text Michelle at (270)799-5355 (preferably before market day).

What if I still have questions?
     Call or text Michelle at (270)799-5355 or email her.

As much as we love that the market is a community gathering place – and we miss seeing all of you – it is important that you come to the market, pick up your orders, and go home.  Saturday is not the day for chatting with vendors or friends – even through the window of your car – and we really need your help in keeping the market safe for everyone.

Please also give us some grace during this market as it is our first time doing this format.  You may face a wait in the drive-thru or for your food to be delivered to you; just know we are doing our best!

Blackberry Heaven:
Green onions: $2/bunch
Spinach: $3/ bag
Carrots: $3/ bunch
Cilantro: $2/ bag
Daikons: $1/each
Sweet Potatoes: $2/lb
White Potatoes: $2/lb
Please text Trina at (502)514-6258 with your orders.
Bramble and Birds:
Eggs, chicken, and turkey; comprehensive list and pricing here
Please email jwweibel55@gmail.com to order.
Cedar Ring Greens:
Spinach, lettuce mix, salad mix, spicy mix, or arugula: $3.50/bag
Baby kale, kale, or swiss chard: $3.50/bag
Parsley: $2.25/ bag or bunch
Orange and white sweet potatoes: $2/pound
Giant sweet potatoes (2.5+ pounds): $4/each
Quart baskets of smaller orange, white, or a mix of sweet potatoes: $3/basket
Please email Connie at connie_lemley@yahoo.com with your orders.
Dandelion Ridge Farm:
Fresh Herbs: parsley, thyme, lemon thyme, oregano, rosemary, sorrel, and spearmint: $2.50/bunch
Brussels Sprout Greens (like collards, with a buttery, mild flavor): $2.50/8oz bunch
Herb Plants: thyme, oregano, sage: $4/4-inch pot, $6/6-inch pot
Edible Violets: $3.50/container (approx .5 oz)
Sun-Dried Tomatoes: $6/1 oz, $10/2 oz
Roasted Tomato Coulis (smooth, versatile tomato sauce): $6/pint
Pomodoro Tomato Jelly (unique golden jelly with honey-like flavor): $5/half-pint
Sweet Abundance Green Tomato Jelly (only a few jars left! Great on cornbread.): $5/half-pint
Roasted Tomato Juice (use in place of stock to add a pop of tomato flavor to any dish): $8/quart, $5/pint
Dried Herbs and Chiles: rosemary, oregano, ground jalapeno, habanero flakes: $6/jar
Order by contacting Abbie Rogers at abbie@dandelionridgefarmky.com.
Happy Jack’s Farm:
Eggs (dozen): $5.00
Cornmeal: $3.00 
Corn Grits: $3.00
Radish: $2.00/bundle 
Honey: (4oz) – $4.00; (8oz) – $7.00; (16 oz) – $12.00; (24oz) – $16.00; (32 oz) – $22.00
Popcorn: $3.00
Please text Lee Ann at (502)320-1064 or email lkjones751@gmail.com to place your order.
Hundred Happy Acres:
Pasture raised pork and 100% grass-fed and finished goat; comprehensive list and pricing here
Please call or text (513)535-1617 or email  kyranch@gmail.com to place your order.
Kuhndog Ridge:
Honey: 8 oz ($7.00) and 16 oz. ($12.00) plastic or glass bottles of fall harvest honey available; limited availability of 2 lb. jars of fall honey for $22.00
Please email Jack at Kuhndogridgefarm@kuhndog.net or text or call (502)545-6566 to place your order (check only).  You can also order online here (check or paypal).
Lazy Dog Honey:
Kentuckiana Blend Late Summer/Fall Honey1/2 lb. jar: $7.00
1 lb. jar: $12.00
2 lbs. jar: $22.00
3 lbs./quart – allergy special: $30.00
1/2 lb. glass heart w/cork (ideal as gift): $10.00
Contact John Antenucci at Jantenucci@mac.com or text (502)320-6577.
 Little Creek Farm:
Homemade sourdough breads, English muffins, and rolls; comprehensive list and pricing here. Please send a couple acceptable substitutes when ordering (in case the variety you want is already out).
Please call or text Lisa at (805)551-8305, email her at littlecreekfarmky@gmail.com
Mefford Family Farm/Bluegrass Meadows Beef:
all natural, lean beef and baked goods; comprehensive list and pricing here.
Please email Diana at meffhogan@yahoo.com or call or text (502)545-0574 to place an order.  Payment at pick up with checks only please, made to Mefford Family Farms.
Russel Farm:
Kale: $3/bag
Spinach: $3/bag
Spaghetti Squash: $4
Orange sweet potatoes: $2/pound
Text Elie at (502)220-9644 or email him at russellelie012@gmail.com to place your order