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January 11, 2014 Posting

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It was a bittersweet day for Rhonda Stevens, owner of Red Head Custom Cakes on Broadway in downtown Frankfort on Saturday.  Since opening her storefront in March of last year, she’s brought sweet treats and smiles to many people living and working in downtown Frankfort.  She’s worked very hard and unbelievably long hours to make cupcakes, cake pops, cakes and other sweet confections to stock her storefront shelves.  On Saturday, she shut the doors to the storefront for the last time…

But you won’t catch Rhonda crying.  She doesn’t have time for that!!!  Red Head Custom Cakes will continue on course with the mobile part of the business.  “I was up at 5 am this morning painting the floor of my commercial kitchen at my house”, said Rhonda on Saturday as she took a quick break from packing up supplies from the shop.  She waited on the customers that came in, said her good-byes to them and packed up boxes to bring back to her house.  Beginning Monday, she will again be MOBILE, bringing your sweet treats to your doorstep, business or location of choice, in the ever popular Red Head Van.  Rhonda says that she will keep the phone number and you can call in your order.  Also, you’ll be able to email your order in.

Rhonda Stevens, owner of Red Head Custom Cakes, will go back to bringing your sweet treats to your doorstep.

To check out Red Head Custom Cakes full menu, log on to

January 9, 2014 POSTING

From Red Head Custom Cake’s Facebook posting this morning:

“POSITIVE CHANGE: Well, friends and customers it is time for a change with the RED HEAD….and for all of you that know me personally, YOU KNOW I LOVE CHANGE! As of this Saturday Janurary 11, 2014 I will be closing the Cupcakery on Broadway and taking it back to my commercial kitchen in my home.  I will still be baking all of the same yummy cupcakes, cake, pies,bars, and cookies as I did on Broadway, the only difference is you will have to call to order (502) 352-2703 and I will deliver right to your door! The RED HEAD is going mobile again (I miss that)!  Yes, you will see me behind the wheel of the cupcake van delivering all your sweet treats.  Making stops to the businesses, your house, school events or just sending someone a “HAPPY”! I have ENJOYED seeing smiling faces come through the doors on Broadway and APPRECIATE each and every person that supported me and I hope that you continue to support RED HEAD CUSTOM CAKES, LLC for all your sweet treat needs! We hope to have the van up and running Monday….!  As always stayed tuned”

Capital Living supports local businesses and business owners.  From the day Rhonda Stevens opened her store location of Red head Custom Cakes to this coming week, when she shuts it down, she is loved and supported by her community!  She has worked long hard hours, tirelessly making sweet treats throughout this past year for the community to enjoy.  Please take this opportunity to say “good-bye” to the “store front” phase of her business life and show support for her refocusing on the “mobile” part of it.  I, for one, will miss her daily sweet treats and smiles.  But will have to be like everyone else and just “order one” to come to my door!  GOOD LUCK RHONDA and RED HEAD CUSTOM CAKES!!!  Until the next time I see you…

Red Head Cupcakes-5-9-13

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