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Lyndsey McGaha, Columnist for Capital Living

As many of you may or may not know, Miss Lyndsey McGaha used to write a monthly column for the monthly PDF editions of Capital Living.  I’m pleased to announce that she has agreed to contribute to the online edition that we continue to try to improve upon.  Please welcome this new addition to the website and even follow her blog!

– Capital Living

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The B-Word. It’s Okay, Embrace It.

Women have forever associated the word “bossy” to mean …you know, other not so nice b-word. Well I say, not so.

Despite the negativity that’s often surrounded with the term, it’s time that women and men around the globe should start embracing what it means to be bossy! 🙂 For ages men have been expected to be nothing less than a boss. While men are esteemed and commended for their ability to make decisions, to be direct, and to be up front about what they want, women are often criticized and labeled for possessing the strong leadership skills that many men have. Well, it’s definitely time for that to change! 🙂

While some see bossy as being abrasive or domineering, I believe that being bossy means knowing what you want and knowing how to vocalize it. Who says women shouldn’t be vocal about WHAT THEY WANT and know how to be FABULOUS enough to get it? Women often shy away from speaking up, giving their opinions, being  assertive, taking control or any other form of leadership to avoid the stigma of being labeled “BOSSY;” we should however, be empowered to speak our minds, with class, respect, intellect, poise, and wisdom and expect nothing less than greatness without the stigma of being known as controlling or overpowering.

For far too long women have hidden under the garment of fear, compromising, giving in, settling for less than what they really want and deserve, all because they are too afraid of what it looks like to be BOLD, to be heard, and to lead their lives fearlessly. I mean really, what’s wrong with being up front about what you want in life, or even people? Now don’t get me wrong, everyone knows there’s a fine line between tactful and distasteful; I’m not encouraging women to cross that line, so don’t read this post and feel empowered to go home and tell your man off or go psycho on your boss or friends. I’m also not saying that women should shove out directions for other people’s lives. What I am saying is that it’s okay to be assertive and to state your wants and expectations all while listening to the same from others, it’s okay to be strong, vibrant, in control, a little sassy (when its necessary), and confident; it doesn’t make you less of a women, it doesn’t take away from your femininity, and it won’t make horns grow out of your head. What it WILL do is set you free, lessen your burden, and release the inner boss in you that was created for greatness.

So the next time you’re confronted with the term “bossy,” keep calm and pat yourself on the back.  After all, you are the boss.

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Elle Scoop

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