Monthly Calendar of Events


August 2014You asked for it!  We listened!!!  The Monthly Events Calendar is BACK!!!  To DOWNLOAD your events calendar, click HERE!!!

Capital Living Events Calendar Logo for Facebook

Click on the above calendar icon to see an interactive Calendar of Events on the Capital Living Facebook Fan Page.

6 thoughts on “Monthly Calendar of Events”

  1. Gwen Holt, organizer of Central KY Singles said:

    I enjoy the updates about events in Frankfort but it would be very helpful if the calendar of events were posted for the month so I can make plans for my group to attend. More than a week’s notice would be very helpful!

    • I do apologize. There was a sponsor for the Monthly Calendar of Events until very recently (July). I’m a one person operation and am currently looking for a calendar sponsor. If you know of any companies that are interested in advertising or becoming a sponsor, have them email me at

  2. Jane Lingle said:

    Where’s THIS weekend’s events (Friday, May 5 – Sunday, May 7)?

    • Look for those to be posted Wednesday. The weekend posting typically runs Wednesday through Tuesday. Just like last weekend’s posting runs through tomorrow.


    How can i get tickets to the candlightvtrain

    • It is our understanding that the “Polar Express” Train is SOLD OUT! Contact Commonwealth Credit Union, who sponsors the train and is also the main sponsor for The Candlelight Tradition event.

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